Thursday, October 27, 2011

Scenes From Last Night's Spooky Spring Grove Tour

Lisa walked around the cemetery as a
spectre of the night!

On the Oct 26 Spring Grove Tour, we decided to put some costumed characters in there of the people we talked about.  It was AWESOME!!
   Sena portrayed Julia Walls, the Barrel Lady.  Mike played Grover Potts, a murderer who committed suicide by shooting himself in the chest.
We also had unusual costumes like Amber with her head on backwards.  She also did some kick ass make up for for the evening which is another story coming up next!!

We had phantoms roaming the grounds that provided some mild scares for those in attendance.
 Once again my awesome crew were outstanding.  There is a good reason why all these people are on my crew.  They are dedicated, brave, don't mind getting in front of people, and patient because they put up with a lot of demands from me!  Again, they are awesome!
We told the stories with a twist.  Here, Becky is telling the sad tale of Annie Shamp who died from burns when her apron caught on fire.  You see Amber laying on the ground.  Wait till you see her makeup!

 The Unknown Carnival Girl made an appearance as well (thank you Jen!)  and her story was once again repeated.  Even today we hope someone recognizes her!
 Johnny Ashbaugh committed suicide in the 1800's and he was on hand to read his suicide letter. (Thanks to Alex!)
 Abbie and Sammi roamed the cemetery as our Ladies in white!  Nice job girls!
 And then there were the scary ones.  Jon and Jack popped out of several dark areas to give some scares!  Thank you guys! You were awesome!

Becky and I gave the tour, with some help from Debbie and Will, who came as us, G12P.  Becky dressed as an undertakers wife and I was a ghost of sorts.  Becky puts a lot of hard work into this tour every time we give it.  Without her researching skills we couldn't do this tour! 
Thank you to everyone who came tonight.  It was our last public tour of the year. 
Tonight we are at East Liverpool Carnegie Library to tell some County Ghost Stories.  That starts at 5:30 pm.  This is for Children so please bring your kids and come join us for some spooky tales of the area we live in!