Sunday, November 6, 2011


This picture was taken in 1895.

Both of these pics are the same area.  This one
taken in 2011.

To my total delight, we found FERNWOOD!  Well, what is left of it anyway.  Of course, we passed it right up and went off into the wilderness for an hour. That was funny.  We ended up following the old P.L.and W. Railroad tracks for a while.  Back in the middle of nowhere(where I intend to go if there is ever a Zombie Apocalypse), we finally started to run out of  daylight, so we decided to go back.

And that is when we discovered this.  The remains of a chimney.  That and this brick lined hole in the ground is all that remains of a place where President William McKinley once spent his leisure time.

We took plenty of pics of the area.  There is an old road that is still very visible to follow to get back there. I am excited to go back and just follow the road.  I am hoping it leads to the two locks back in there I have not seen yet.  But that is another adventure!  I am looking for more information about Fernwood and will get it on here when I find it.  It will definitely be in the book we are writing!  Oh, that is another story, too! 
Ghosts, Legends, and Old Murders in Columbiana County!  Hopefully coming out in the spring or summer of next year!