Tuesday, November 8, 2011


One of the strangest stories we found about the area comes from Newell, West Virginia.  It started with one of our crew members, who had an experience with a man claiming to be Frank Daminger.  This crew member was given a coin by Mr. Daminger and was told it would serve as protection should they decide to ever go back into Nessly Chapel Cemetery.  Despite our efforts, we could not find an explanation of what the coin means.   About three weeks ago this truly awesome lady named Jane Mehaffey sent me a story she did recently about the 1969 Witch Trial called Strange Brew. I will be printing it in two parts.  Mike and I went out and took pictures of the areas talked about in the story and I will be including those with the article.  Even today the whole affair is something of a mystery.  No one knows to this day how Mr. Daminger caused the wine bottle to fall from the tomb stone.....Wait, I am getting ahead of the story here.    :)