Friday, November 11, 2011

The Stage Coach Inn - North Georgetown-Columbiana County

 At our Salem Library Adventure, a nice lady there talked about the Stage Coach Inn in North Georgetown and an old Cemetery.  This past weekend, we visited both.  I am in love with the Stage Coach Inn, and I haven't even eaten there yet!  The building is awesome! 
 Built in 1822 by Samuel Long, it was a favorite Stage Coach Route for travelers from Pittsburgh to the West!  This building looks like it is oozing history!   Rumor has it the second floor is haunted.  I would love to find out!
But for now, I will be content to see what I can discover from a historical view.  I am hoping to get out there for dinner one night.  It was very busy when we stopped to take pictures.  The plaque to the right is on the outside beside the front door, which is where I got my little bit of history so far.  Let you know what else I find!  Do you know any history about this beautiful, tucked away, little awesome piece of Columbiana County History?  Is is rumored to be haunted?  A patron came out while I was taking this picture and started telling me what he knew.  He said it was one of his favorite places to eat, and oh ya, the second floor is haunted.   Hmmm.  Looking for some details now!  if you have any!