Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Does Ghost Hunting Make You Any Money?

G12P consists of 23 people, myself included.  We pay for everything we do our of our own pockets.  We pay for the ink to make the posters, the batteries, the film, the gas, anything with a price tag we all pitch in and pay for ourselves.  Our equipment is either owned by each individual crew member, donated to us, or we work our butts off to earn the money to buy it.  Last year we helped Jaycees out with the Haunted Park to earn the money for our camera system for example. 
Much of our equipment we
buy second hand or get them
as gifts for Christmas and Birthdays.
Because almost everything we do is free, sometimes money can be a problem.  When we did the Johnny Appleseed Festival, for example, we invested over $300 to get ready for it.  It was not the CREW MONEY.  That does not exist.  Each person donated money, like Briana bought our Ink for our printer for example, that was $60.  The posters, glue, and tape were $20.  Gas for the truck to pull our parade float was $75.  Decorations for the float were $83.  That does not include going to Lisbon every day the week before to walk the route for the tour or the hours spent on the research for the tour. We made fliers to advertise our tour also.   We charged $5 per person for the tour of Lisbon during the Johnny Appleseed Festival.  We sold only 31 tickets.  We didn't even make $200.  Our Booth was an awesome success, but the tour was a failure.  No other way to put it but bluntly.  I can't even tell you how much we invest for the fundraisers.  In contrast to our own private ventures, we helped Salem Historical Society make over $1000 for the tours we did in Salem in October.  The use of their Trolley was a deciding factor.  The walking tour did not do well, but the trolley tour sold out and cleaned up!!
We are always trying to come up with ways to buy equipment(most of us ask for stuff for birthdays and Christmas) or to alleviate the cost of the investigations we do.  Some of our tours next year we are going to attempt to charge for.   The ultimate goal is to make them better, buy better costumes, and get better equipment.  We also want to go to some conventions (the Bigfoot Convention in Northern Ohio is on our wish list to attend).  Sponsors would be nice and we may look into that possibility for next year. 
We struggle, but we work as a team and that gets things done.

Our booth at Johnny Appleseed
festival in Sept.
 We are always looking for an old building with some history to do some over night stays.  That is a real money maker also.  The problem is getting the use of a building. Anyway,  just wanted you to know we do not make money doing this.  We do this because we love ghost hunting, history, and helping our community.  And did I say we love ghost hunting?