Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Eve At Gretchen's Lock 2011

The unusual "breath" formation on the tree almost looks like
Christmas decorations.  I have never seen anything like it!
Looking as spooky as ever, the Grist Mill
waited for us to arrive on this once-a -year date
in stone silence.
The crew for the evening (besides myself)
was Mike, Amber, and Jon. We had a few
new gadgets to try out from Santa!
We got several pics with our breath in them.
It was cold and when you exhale, your
breath  can hang in the air around you for
a minute or two, depending on how
cold it is.

While the gray mass on Jon is probably their breath, it looks different from the other breath pictures I took.  It looks something like a woman in a  long dress....

We could not enter the Grist Mill because it is very flooded. 
With all the rain we have had, it is no surprise.  Last year it was
all frozen solid. 

We went down to Gretchen's Lock last night to check out the Grist Mill once again. One of the Esther Hale Legends tells the story of Esther a little differently where it concerns the Mill.  It would seem that Esther may have  been a Quaker Preacher who fell in love with a young man who was destined to fight in the Civil War.  Before he left, they agreed on their wedding date of September 29, when her love would return.  When that date came she waited by the Mill all day, but he did not come.  She would proceed to go to the Grist Mill every day for the next 27 years, waiting on her one true love.  Even after she found out he was killed in action during the Civil War, she still continued to wait at the Mill.  According to this Legend, she finally could wait no longer and one night climbed to the third floor of the Mill to hang herself.  Now, if you go to the Grist Mill at Midnight on Christmas Eve, you are supposed to be able to see the word "COME" written on the wall.  It is supposed to be her plea to her love to return to her. 
This is my third year that I have traveled to the Grist Mill to await the word to appear on the wall.  It did not once again. But we did get some nice pictures that were unusual.  We still have to listen to the EVP sessions we did. Amber has an app on her new Ipod and when she ran it, the name Charles came up a couple times.  Curious since we are so close to the Death Site Of Pretty Boy Floyd.  We also stopped on the bridge when we were leaving. There are two new stories for me to work with that I didn't know about.  One is if you stop on the bridge at Gretchen's Lock, put your car in park, shut off your lights, and honk your horn three times, Esther is supposed to appear before your car.  We did that also, but nothing happened.  Another story we have yet to try is where you go to the back parking lot and drive backwards in a circle.  As you are driving like that, Gretchen is supposed to appear in your back seat.  That we plan to use video cameras with.  As soon as we get the EVP sessions listened to, we will let you know if we got anything. 
For now, Merry Christmas to all!!!!