Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Exploring the Dogwood Trail at Beaver Creek State Park

Went exploring today on the Dogwood Trail at Beaver Creek State Park.  Jon and I took Masion, Madison, and Tyme on the trail and had an awesome time.   The trail is rocky in a few places, making it something of a challenge, especially for the short legged individuals.  But the scenery is breathtaking!

 Tyme is only two and yet he had a blast!  Sticks are just amazing to him.  You can throw them, hit trees with them, and use them as swords to play with daddy!
We found a huge hollow tree and of course had to climb inside.  Jon will go anywhere as long as he has his McDonalds coffee!

 Tyme taking a stick and hitting a tree.  He saw daddy doing it earlier and thought it was awesome! 
I am pretty sure the white trees along the creek are poplar trees.  They look like skeletons along the creek sometimes.  They are also some of the larger trees, as you can see in this picture. 

Here is cute little Madison showing you the map of the Dogwood trail.  We had a nice time walking along this little known attraction at Beaver Creek State Park. I will point out that is feels a little Squatchy back in there.  We will be checking it out in that capacity.  Soon.  :)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Path Through Hells Half Acre-Pennsylvania Avenue Extention

East Liverpool has some of the richest history I know and discovering it is an awesome adventure. This is the end of Pennsylvania Avenue Extension.  It was closed off years ago, but at one time extended over to Calcutta Smithferry Road.  There are several foundations of homes up in these woods, that until recently, were a mystery to me.  I did not know about this road.  Jack and I went out on Feb 24 to see what we could find of this old road and were not disappointed. 

There are two large rocks that block the road, long unused.  What lays beyond this is a story I have been working on for several months.  While I am not finished finding the details, the story of these woods is about as movie worthy as it gets.  And it is all a part of East Liverpool History!  Sadly, this history has been nearly erased, seemingly on purpose. While Hells Half Acre, also known as "The Bucket Of Blood" was a stain for years for East Liverpool, today it is, in my opinion, a source of interest and a GREAT TOURISM POSSIBILITY. 

Pennsylvania Avenue Extension is opening up her own secrets as we research the area.  Abandoned buildings.  Murder.  Speak Easies.  Mystery, pure and simple.  And I love a good mystery.  So far, this one is turning out GREAT!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

A New Contest For G12P

This is the Columbiana County Dog Pound. As my previous story talked about, we are doing fundraisers for the pound this year.  Because we do a lot of events, we are also going to put up some type of donation Jar/Box for anyone who would like to leave a donation for the Columbiana County Dog Pound.  For this we decided to run a contest.  We are looking for awesome ideas on what we could do for a donation jar. 
Email me your ideas, along with your contact email or cell number.  In April we will review all the ideas.  The design that is chosen wins a G12P Hoodie (A $25 value)!  Also your name goes on the Jar/Box as the creator for everyone to see!
To recap, send your name, email or cell number and your idea to:
In April, my crew and I will judge all ideas sent in.  The one we choose wins a
G12P Hoodie~ 
Plus you get to help our County Dog Pound find forever homes for our 4 legged  best friends!

The Columbiana County Dog Pound-A Worthy Cause

You will see G12P doing a lot of fundraising this year for our local Dog Pound.  They desperately need help and we are glad to try to give them a hand.  They have so many dogs there right now waiting for someone to come and rescue them!  If you are thinking about adding a new member to your family, please consider checking the pound to see if your new loved one might be there!
 This guy watched the road behind us and I couldn't help but think he was waiting for his human to come and save him.  He was thin and kept his tail down.  He was sad.  My heart was twisting.
And this guy just watched us so longingly,  if I didn't already have several dogs of my own, he would have been going home with me.  They need someone to save them.
The pound needs several things.  Bleach.  Old towels.  Kitty Litter.  Any kinds of canned food or dry food.  Brooms and dust  pans.  And of course, any monetary donations are also desperately needed.  I heard a story of a dog that the police found by the road last week.  His legs were broken and no one stopped to help him. REALLY?  But the police did and they took him to the pound.  I don't know what happened to him past that. I hope he is getting better!  Thanks to our police guys for rescuing him.  While you may think it is just their job, I think they are awesome for it!  It is what Good Guys do!
So, if you see us out there this summer, please look for the Columbiana County Dog Pound Donation Jar we are making to leave a donation in.  We are tossing around ideas on what to make for this and will post about it when we decide!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Covered Bridges in Ohio-Sell Covered Bridge

This is Sells Covered Bridge. It is located at Scenic Vista Park, outside of Lisbon, Ohio.  I am currently looking for more information about it. I did find this article in the East Liverpool Review that mentions it.


Here are a few more bridges in Columbiana County, Oh.  I have been to most of them, but Sells is new for me.  My next target, I hope, is McClellan Coverered Bridge (I think that is what it is called). 


We plan on returning to Scenic Vista Park very soon.  I am looking for some History on this bridge. When I find it, I will be sure to post it!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ghosts in the Woods Around Lock 57

In the woods near Lock 57, we stopped to do an EVP at
an old foundation.  This is probably my breath, but it is an
awesome picture!
We have been to the Lock 57 many times.  The area around the creek has its phantoms, of that I am certain,  but on Feb 20 we went into the woods. 

We have been researching the area and found that once upon a time there was a trolley line that went through the area, to a place up the creek called Island Run.  Yes, I have been up in that area, looking for signs of it, but so far have found none.  Also, from what I understand, Pennsylvania Avenue once extended to Calcutta Smithferry Road.  That is also something we are continuing to research. 
The large foundation to the right shows signs of being burned. There are telltale signs of habitation that included broken toys and old Clorox bottles laying around.   Here, the crew piles inside for another great picture.

We walked back in the woods, which my crew sometimes thinks I am nuts about. 

We were only in the woods for about 30 minutes, but it was long enough to have the weird thing about the stones to happen.  We are definitely going back again, soon!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Stones in a Line? Is it Paranormal?

 We did a midnight run last night at the Lock 57 area.  While the park is closed, you can walk in if you like.  We have been researching the Hells Half Acre area the past couple of months and our real target was the woods in the surrounding area.  In the picture to the left, You see three people standing in front of the white car.  That is my car (and it is awesome!).  Note the cement parking marker on the ground in the front, that they are standing around.  No rocks are on it. 
We then went into the woods (a different story) and when we returned, about 30 minutes later, this is what we found.  33 stones lined up on the cement marker, in front of my car.  We are baffled by this phenomenon, though it is not the first time we have encountered it. 

Does it mean anything?  I honestly don't know.  It is something I am researching.  Who or what did it, I don't know.  We were in the woods, but still able to notice traffic along the road and the parking lot, too.  If you have ever seen this phenomenon or know what it is, please let me know.  ghosting12@yahoo.com
In the mean time, I am researching it.  Let you know what I find when or if I find it.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

An Awesome City Jail Investigation

We investigated the East Liverpool City Hall tonight.  We were primarily in the old jail section and the basement of the police station.  It was an awesome adventure.  Thank you to Kelsey Hedricks for inviting us down and giving us a tour of the East Liverpool Police Museum.  It was great!  They have so much to look at in their museum, including a lot of things about Charles Arthur "Pretty Boy" Floyd.   
 Kelsey is looking for a couple of manicans to use in the museum, so if you know of any that could be donated, please let us know.  Also anything that could be related to the history of the East Liverpool Police department they are interested in.  Old cases or uniforms, or pictures or anything like that. 
Crew members who came  tonight include: Becky, Jen, Alex, Sena, Briana, Jon, Dave, David, Jack, Abbie, Will, and Sammi (and me!).
So far that I have heard, we captured two EVP's.  One says "I'm lonely."  and the other says "Help me."  I know there will be more.  Everyone did a great job and we look forward to a reveal with Kelsey. 

We will be sure to let you know what else we find about the City Hall of East Liverpool, Ohio. 

If you would like to make a donation to the museum for the police station, let me know and I will get you in touch with Kelsey!

Saturday, February 18, 2012


Pictured  here is Lead Investigator Jonathan!
We had an awesome time  at Ohio Valley College of Technology today.  There was over 40 people in attendence.  We talked about ghost hunting, equipment, theories, a few legends, and discussed evidence.  It lasted about 2 hours.  I do not know yet how much money was made but there were a lot of money donations.  All proceeds went to the Columbiana County Dog Pound.  Thank you so much to everyone who came!  Everyone was awesome! We will be there again on March 10!  Please come and see us!

Investigating George F. Thompson Cemetery

Our Feb 16 midnight run took us to my ghost hunting origins. Of course we had to wait until our Murphy's Law day was done. We had one hold up afer another. And while I had 7 people ready and able to hunt for ghosts, by the time we were free to do so, most had to go home.

Amber is always looking for ways to broaden her Bigfoot experience.
Here she is examining some large footprints in the snow. While this person
may have had some big feet, the melting snow definitely enlarged
them considerably.
We decided to go to where my ghost hunting origins began. George F. Thompson Cemetery. I know you are asking "Where is that? I have never heard of it in this area!" Well I named it that. It is a solitary grave beside a farmers field. Despite several years of research, I am no closer to finding a list of names for this once graveyard than I was when I started. I did learn that George was a twin. His brother's name was John. I actually talked to his youngest brother, Oscar, who was 84 at the time. He told me that George was buried in Calcutta Cemetery, the same cemetery as his Grandfather, who was also named George. He did not believe me when I told him the cemetery was gone and that George's marker was the only one to remain. I have been up here dozens of times ghost hunting.
You can just make out George's grave marker. It is surrounded by
poison ivy now. He was born in 1913 and died in 1941. I can't even
find him in the cemetery index books at the library.
There is a shadow person that inhabits these woods. I, myself, have seen it twice. Sometimes the spirits up here are friendly. In years past they have told us things like one is a teacher. Another had running water. Still another witnessed a hanging. One is a little boy named Jeremy. There was also a seemingly crazy guy with the last name of Campher who lived in trailer up there for years. He was not a nice person. He is also not a nice ghost.
Later, we changed locations to another favorite place near my home that I like to go. While I will not mention it for now, it is on Carroll Road. I took this picture, which looks like a man in a cloak is staring at us from the dark woods. There is a street light behind the trees and it cast an eerie light through the trees.
It was a good night really. Even though we didn't get much ghosting done, we hung out as a crew. That is always good to do. Of course, I do have the most awesome crew in the county. Maybe even the state. :)

Pictured is Sammi, Amber, Will, Jon, Tyme
Kar, Jack, and Pam.

Monday, February 13, 2012

A Private Investigation From 2010

Megan maintained that a demon lived
in this bedroom closet. 

Ghosts in Dixonville

Here is a link to a video I have on YouTube for an investigation we did in 2010.  Megan, the owner of the house, said we could make public the video we did for her about our investigation.  When we do an investigation of some one's home we do a video for them, highlighting the better pictures and any EVP we might get.  All for free.  Eerily, this the 666 post I have done on this web site.  Hmmmm.....

Friday, February 10, 2012

Columbiana County Legends~Three New Characters For 2012

We have a nice list of characters we use for our Legends tour.  Esther Hale (pictured above and played by Brooke McKinley and Abbie Menough).  Sami, our ghost hunting cheerleader, plays Gretchen Gill.  Will Hilditch plays Jake the Night Watchman, and we have several others, totalling 21 characters.  This year we are adding three new characters to our list.  Alabama Joe Miller, the King of the Bootleggers of this area in the 1920's.  Billy "the Killer" Miller, Joe's brother, and Jennie Eckert, the bar owner at the infamous Hells Half Acre.  These characters will be developed over the next few months with videos so you can become familiar with their awesome and sometimes dark stories. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Our Continued Investigation of The Pioneer Village~Beaver Creek State Park

Brooke and Sammi
We went to the Pioneer Village last night for a midnight run.  It was super cold out, but we had a good time. 
 We started out on the Thomas Malone Covered Bridge.  It is rumored to have a ghost attatched to it that does not like the living.  We can say we feel it is a haunted bridge.  We have gotten some interesting EVP and had some some scary things happen while on it.  We fully intend to continue our
Lisa!   Dressed for the cold!
investigations into the area.  We usually do one EVP session and one Ghost Box session to each place we investigate.  This bridge never disappoints. 

Sammi and Pam
We have a lot of fun during these sessions, though everyone takes the very seriously.  Don't be afraid to try different things out in the field to get a reaction.  Laughing and having a good time can sometimes help to  bring a spirit out. 
Amber, Lisa, Brooke, Sammi, and Will!
We also ask some controversial questions sometimes.  Pam asked if the spirit felt it was superior to women, for example.  We also ask other questions we think might get some tempers flared in an effort to communicate.  Sometimes that works very well.
My crew on the bridge in front of Lock 36.
Pictured is Kar, Brooke, Amber, Lisa, Sammi, Pam, and Will.

We ventured onto the old Steel Truss bridge.  I think we can safely say this bridge is not haunted in any way. It was built in 1910.  I can not say the same about the area across the bridge. This bridge used  to be red by the way,  until this past summer, when it was repainted.   According to Lisa, our crew sensative, there is something across the bridge.  It wants to cross the creek, but can't.  I am curious.
G12P Meets at Sheetz!  Their coffee is awesome!
 We look forward to our next adventure in this area and the Sheetz Coffee.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Cool Investigation in a House Built in 1900

 We investigated a house last night that was built in the year 1900.  While I won't talk about the particulars, there were some aspects that really stood out and I just have to put on here!
This old rocking chair was in the basement, for example. It was a lot creepy. Old and dusty, I figured it was at least 50 years old. When I first saw it the movie Blair Witch Project popped into my mind. Kind of gave me a sick feeling. Despite all our efforts in this part of the house, though, we didn't get anything.
There were 5 of us that went.  Here you see Pam and Debbie! 
There was a little house behind the main house that no one used.  It creeped everyone out and had the remnants of tools and an old Baywatch Poster on the floor.  We got some interesting EVP in here, but Pamela has seen some better days.

Then, also in the basement, we found these chairs.  They took me back to yet another movie. 
Poltergeist!  Remember in the kitchen at the beginning, when the chairs are piled onto the table?  Yep, I was there!
Jack also went with us.  He is doing awesome and he had his own crew last night.  He had previous experience when he came to us and it shows!  Good work Jack!
And then Will was also with us.  Our lead Tech was as useful as ever, bringing along his Galaxy Tablet  We played around with Ghost Radar all night. 
It was a great investigation that, so far, has had some interesting results. We can't wait to go back for the reveal! The little house is getting some more work from us, for sure! 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Feb 18 Event at the Ohio Valley College of Technology

Here is OVCT, in Calcutta, Ohio. I am actually attending school here, majoring in Business Administration.  I met this truly awesome lady named Donna and she has a great love for our 4 legged friends and family members.  She organized a Christmas Donation for The Columbiana County Dog Pound and it was a huge success.  I thought it was awesome so I asked her if G12P could ever help in any way to let us know.  She loved the idea.  We are now doing a speaking engagement on Feb 18 at 1pm at the school.  Our topic will be Ghost Hunting 101, a subject near and dear to my heart! 

What are ghosts.  Why do they haunt some places and not others?  What equipment should you use and where can you get it?  What is an EVP?  What do you look for in Pictures?  All these questions will be covered and more on Feb 18.  It is free to get in, but we are asking for donations for the local Animal Shelters.  The Columbiana County Dog Pound, Angels For Animals, and The Columbiana County Humane Society will benefit from the donations we hope to receive. For more information, please call 330-385-1070 and ask for the AWESOME Donna!  Remember, seating is limited so get signed up ASAP!