Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Web Site Updates

I am doing some overhauling on the web site but it is taking me a few days, so please check back to see the finished product! 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Another Little Bridge in the Valley of Bridges

Down on Pancake Clarkson Road, in what I am calling the valley of bridges, there is the old bridge, or what might be what is left of a bridge.  Cut stone surround the pipe going under the road and it actually extends down to the main road.  The main road looks like it once  went up this way, but has not for many years. 

There has to be a map somewhere that might show what this road was.  I am still looking for it, but so far I haven't found it.  There are a lot of reminders that it once went in a different direction.  It may be OLD Pancake Clarkson road.  I don't know. I can say I love finding little tell-tale signs of what once was, even small reminders like this. 

Friday, May 18, 2012

Signs of the Past

We followed this little stream while on our camping trip last weekend, looking for the Sprucevale Pottery.  While we finally did find it (I think), we also found a lot of debree all along the creek as we followed it.  I wondered what it was used for.  There was no sign of buildings anywhere.  Just every so often we would find cut stone in the water.

DeeDee takes a rest on a huge chunk of cut stone near what we think might
have been the old pottery.
I don't know how old they are but I put them at early 1800's.   What building they came from is a mystery.  How they ended up in the water?  I don't know.  Why are there only one or two every so often.  Not sure about that either.  But they are there.  And they make me wonder.
Mostly for me I envision them being part of Sprucevale, the most haunted old town in Ohio!


Monday, May 14, 2012

Early Morning Pictures at Gretchen's Lock

 Nothing like a haunted bridge surrounded by mist to get your imagination going.  It is so beautuful here, words seem inadaquate.  While all is quiet here now, I wonder what bridge was here before this one.  This bridge is made using the cut stone from Lock 43.  Before that, what bridge  was here and where did it go? 

Lock number 42, or Hambleton's Lock, or Jake's Lock as it is also refered, is mostly hidden from site now. The wall on the right is mostly all that remains of this one large and beautiful lock.  

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Our First Bigfoot Conference was a HUGE Success!!!

If you have never been to a Bigfoot conference, I strongly suggest you go to one!  We had a great time from beginning to end!  We met awesome people, learned a lot about hunting the Big Guy and made a lot of new friends!
Here we learned cast footprints, which was my favorite part!  I am determined to find one someday along the shores of Beaver Creek!

We also got to meet Psychic Sonya of Q92 fame! She was an amazing lady and she loves Bigfoot as much as we do!

Here is everyone who went (except for me since I am taking the picture).  Jon, Amber, Sammi, Brooke, Mike, Jack,and special guest Donald (Amber's dad!).

Sammi and Brooke did an awesome job on this adventure.  They were very professional and were a big help the entire weekend.  They also won a cast of Bigfoot's foot by being the first to post pictures of the conference onto Twitter!  Way to go G12P's Social Media Team!

AND WE VISITED SALT FORK STATE PARK!  What a huge and vast park!  No wonder Bigfoot hangs out there!  It just goes for miles and miles.  WE look forward to going back when we can explore more!  And yes, we will be going back to this conference next year!

Our Adventure at Wildwood Acres Family Campground

We had a great time at Wildwood Acres on May 5!  They had several vendors there and they were celebrating their grand opening.  We got to use our new booth, donated to us by Anna Marie Levebre!  Thank you Anna for all your help and faith in us!
 We really needed this and appreciate you great support!!!
 Froggy was there, too and gave away lots of great prizes! Gotta love this frog!!
There were about 12 vendors who set up a booth and sold their wares.  I got some cool things to add to our displays at an awesome price!

Wildwood Acres bought Pizza for everyone from Georgios, one of the best shops in the area!
We just wanted to say thank you to Wildwood Acres for asking us to come out!  We had a wonderful time and hope their new family campground is a huge success!!!