Tuesday, June 26, 2012

July 6 Tour of Old Calcutta

G12P will have  a tour of Old Calcutta on July 6 at 7pm.  We will be meeting in the parking lot of Ohio Valley College of Technology.  THIS TOUR IS FREE.  We are using some of the stories printed in a book called Calcutta: Ninety Years Ago.  Please join us as we walk along the streets of Old Calcutta and learn about some of the people who helped to build this awesome little town~!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Kris Williams and Amy Bruni Signing Our Shirts We Are Raffling!

 This is Sammi Baker in the middle, with Kris Williams on the left and Amy Bruni on the right.  Sammi attended a TAPS ghost hunt in Georgia in March and took two shirts from Ohio Valley College of Technology with her.  Our original intention was to get these wonderful ladies to sign our shirts for a fundraiser we planned on August 12 at Gretchen's Lock.  Due to circumstances beyond our control, we have not been able to secure permission for this event, so OVCT had the flea market and we are giving a tour of Old Calcutta. 
We are selling raffle tickets for $2 each or 3 for $5.  There will  be two drawings, one for each shirt.  We are very thankful to Kris and Amy for helping us out!  All the proceeds of the raffle will be donated to the local Animal Shelters here in Columbiana County.  

Please come out to Ohio Valley College of Technology on June 23 and check out the flea market that will be going on there from 8am to 2pm.  Representatives from the Humane Society and the County Dog  Pound will be standing by to show you a potential new family member or just answer some of your questions.   G12P will be giving tour of Old Calcutta as well as having our booth set up with all our stories about the local area. The Flea Market was nice today, but it is supposed to be even better tomorrow~ 

Friday, June 22, 2012

Day 1 of the OVCT Flea Market

It rained this morning, so everyone went inside the school to sell their treasures. It was air conditioned in there, so we didn't mind at all.:)
There were snakes (live and in cages) from the Beaver Creek Wildlife Education Center.  They also brought some stuffed examples of the local wildlife.   

Everyone squeezed into the hallway of building number 2.  Rather than set up our whole show, we concentrated on selling raffle tickets for the Kris Williams and Amy Bruni shirts we have.  Tickets are selling nicely for that. Tomorrow is your last chance to buy a ticket for them. 
The Columbiana County Humane Society came and had lots of goodies on hand, some for free!  It was a good day and we truly hope tomorrow is even better.  We will be setting up outside and having our tour of Calcutta.  It turned out to be a great little tour and we are excited to take you on this adventure.  
The fun starts at 8am and ends at 2pm.  Come and find some great buys, make some great sales, or take a tour of Calcutta with us!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Field Experience Is A Must For The Dedicated Ghost Hunter

Reading books can help a lot when you are learning about being a paranormal investigator.  It can give you the ins and outs of the paranormal and that is good.  BUT field experience is the most important thing you can do to really learn about ghost hunting.  You can get field experience anywhere.  Your home (though for some that is not comfortable.  I am in that category), the homes of relatives, barns, garages bridges, public parks, cemeteries (when you can get permission), and any public place you can think of to go (again, with permission if necessary).  You might think that investigating an old barn is silly, but that is where much of life took place 100 years ago.  Bridges might seem unlikely,but so many tales and legends revolve around bridges.  Why is that?  Investigating on your own might help you to answer those questions. 
Use things you already have at home to ghost hunt with.  Get creative.  In one investigation, everyone in our group lightly rubbed the carpet beside our recorders at varying distances from the recorders to supply white noise for any spirit to use.  We got some interesting EVP by doing that.  Don't be afraid to try things out.  You never know what you might discover.
 Do you always go by the results of someone Else's work?  For example, a ghost radar might seem like a silly app, but what if there is something to it.  What is you can use it along with a ghost box and get real results that suggest there is more to the ghost radar than many believe?  If you don't do your own debunking, listening to others will keep you from learning a lot.  Be brave.  Not just in putting yourself out there and looking for ghosts.  Identify your areas of interest and make your own theories.  Then set out to prove or disprove them.  Remember, right now there is no way to prove or disprove the existence of ghosts.  You can use that as a tool to study the paranormal and experiment with many different theories, tools, household appliances, you name it.  What works for some, might not work for others.  WE DON"T KNOW. 
If we all continue to go with what everyone else says, we will learn nothing.  G12P has several of our own theories that we work with and study.  People make fun of our ideas, but THEY ARE OUR OWN IDEAS THAT WE HAVE COME UP WITH FROM OUR EXPERIENCES OUT IN THE FIELD.   Our own actual work has proven to us things that are contrary to popular belief.  Are we right?  No one can say, but our field experience fuels our beleif that we are on to something.
And don't be so closed minded as to think that nothing is right unless you see it on TV or read it in a book.  THERE ARE NO EXPERTS IN THE PARANORMAL FIELD.  It is open to whoever can prove what they say.  And so far, no one can prove anything. 

Just remember, all great scientists started somewhere.  And they were all laughed at at first or ridiculed.  The great ones, like Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Graham Bell, Einstein, and so many others stuck it out and held to their beliefs that they had first proven to themselves and then the world. 
Be brave.  Take a chance.  Dare to believe.  G12P is out there doing these very things. 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Pottery Festival and G12P~Day 2

We had a wonderful time this year at the Pottery Festival.  We sold 6 of the bags with our logo on them for $5 each and donated the money to the effort by the East Liverpoool Police to get a K-9 for the department.
 We talked  to lots of  people about ghosts, history, and phobias.   We visited the C.C.Thompson Mansion and found a door/room just like the one in Harry Potter!
Amber took first place in the Chalk Art Contest for those 19 and older.  She drew the Thompson Mansion.  Good job Amber!!

 But mostly we talked about the history of the area and the ghosts we have found or heard about.  We love the people of  East Liverpool.  They are awesome!
Next up for us is the OVCT Yard Sale June 22 and 23 at OVCT!  All proceeds from table rentals will benefit the local animal shelters.  We will also be giving tours of
"Old Calcutta" on a donation basis and all proceeds will go to the shelters as well. 
We are also raffling off the two shirts that Sammi got autographed by Kris Williams and Ami Bruni in March!  Drawing will be June 23!   

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Our First Day At The Pottery Festival For 2012!

We set up at the 45th Annual Pottery Festival today.  It was a long, wonderful day for us and we are excited to get back there tomorrow. 
We are selling raffle tickets for the shirts signed by Kris Williams and Ami Bruni.  $2 each or three for $5! The drawing is June 23 at the Ohio Valley Technical College Flea Market event they are having to benefit several animal shelters in the county!!!

Come on down to the Pottery Festival and visit us!!  Read some stories, buys a raffle ticket for the shirts, and tell us your ghost stories.  We are all ears!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Our June 9 Ghost Walk Was Awesome!!

The Ghost Walk at Beaver Creek State Park tonight was just awesome!  The only dark park was when one of the reenactors got sick and has to be taken to the hospital in an ambulance.  We will try to update on his condition when we find out how he is.  He was in the "hospital" thankfully so he had help right away! 
Today we saw President Abraham Lincoln......

Amber did a kick butt job on our makeup!  Our characters were gruesome! 

 We look forward to doing this event again next year!!!  And special thanks to the Friends of Beaver Creek State Park for making us feel so welcome!  You really helped us to pull this night off!  Thank you so much!  The consideration and kindness we received from this awesome group was very memorable! 
And if you didn't get to come with us this time around, we will be at the East Liverpool Pottery Festival this weekend and then at the OVCT yard sale June 22 and 23.  We will be giving a tour of old Calcutta during the OVCT event, on a donation basis and ALL PROCEEDS WILL GO TO THE LOCAL ANIMAL SHELTERS OF COLUMBIANA COUNTY!

 Our Esther Hale truly looks like she starved to death and Jake looks like the lightening got him for sure!  Both are courtesy of Amber.  Brooke is our Esther by the way and Will is Jake.
And last, thank you to everyone who came to the ghost walk Saturday.  We appreciate your attendance and support!  Oh, and did I thank the Friends of Beaver Creek State Park?  Just in case, thank you so much Friends of Beaver Creek!  You guys are the best!!!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

G12P Will Be At The Pottery Festival Next Weekend!! JUNE 14-16, 2012

Pic taken by Belinda Puchajda in 2010. :)
 The East Liverpool Pottery Festival  is next weekend and G12P will be there to help this awesome city celebrate their history! Look for our booth where you will find haunting stories about East Liverpool and the Tri-State area!  The picture above is me after I took second place in the Tall Tales contest!  I told the Captain and the Lady story.   Please come and check out our tales of ghosts and legends at The East Liverpool Pottery Festival!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Ghost Walk for Jackson in the Valley Civil War Reenactment Almost Ready

We have been working for three weeks to get the ghost walk ready for the Jackson in the Valley Civil War Reenactment ready to go! We have had several rehearsals and today at 4pm is a full dress rehearsal.  Just like last year, once our walk is over there will be a Candle Light  Amputation at the William's House. 

The walk will be starting around 10 pm.  There are 17 stories we will be telling on this tour, including five new ones.  Besides Esther Hale, Gretchen Gill, and Jake the Night Watchman, you will also meet Judge John Reddick and the Georgetown Cemetery Witch of Hancock County, Isabella Hamilton- the Fredericktown Ghost, The Phantom Bride of Wells Hollow Road and the Little Angel of  Beaver Creek!

There will also be Ghosts and Shadow People to contend with on this walk, so a scare may await around every corner!  If you have any questions, please check out the link above for Jackson in the Valley or email me!  ghosting12@yahoo.com

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Working With Other Paranormal Groups Is NOT An Easy Task!!

I talk about this a lot, but it is because it is a real problem in the Paranormal Community.  Ghost Hunting groups do not get along with each other.  Hell, it is a struggle to keep your own group together because of inner turmoil.  My theory is it is a residual affect from ghost hunting and actually being around a paranormal entity.  But that is for another post.
We have had our pictures stolen.  We have had other paranormal groups come on our facebook page and fish for people to send to their page (not ethical at all!). We have been bashed on other groups public pages.  We have a private for- crew members-only page that we use to vent about all kinds of things, including other groups and our own differences.  One of our Newbie Crew Members we brought on in Feb was added to this page and then copied our private discussions about other groups we had been dealing with concerning a POSSIBLE apparition picture we had posted.  He then shared those discussions with the groups we were talking about. Ours was NOT public for all to see.  Just our private conversations.  But the backlash from that was horrible.  And their comments about us were public.    This Newbie was promptly kicked off our crew and he is now another group's security risk. 
The arguing,ridicule, and bashing that started from our posting
of this photo was unbelievable.
 But then, there are no Rules of Conduct for the paranormal world.   Another problem: everyone has their own theory about how it all works.  They have their  own theories about what is and is not evidence.  For example, some believe there is something to orbs.  Others dismiss them all  together.  That stems from all the different experiences that people have with the paranormal and how they perceive them. 
Very few groups out there actually study the information they get during investigations.  They are in it for the thrill, yet act like they know what they are talking about based on what they see on Television.   Except that you only see on TV what they think will sell their show.  The more exciting the better.  Sadly, things do not work like you see on the television screen.  Most of the time, real ghost hunting is boring in comparison. 
G12P tries to work with other groups.  We have done joint investigations with other groups and we make videos about it or write about our adventures on this blog.  You have heard me talk about Just Two Ghost Hunters, Paranormal Truth Seekers, and Xtreme Paranormal on here to name a few.  At least two of  those crews are in a couple of our videos.  You can find one mentioned in our Charles Arthur Floyd video and one in a video we did about the Leetonia Cherry Valley Coke Ovens.  Are we friends with these two groups?  No.  Not even close.  We have had our paranormal discrepancies to be sure, and they keep us from any kind of friendship. We would like to be friends with them, but I don't see that ever happening.     
Our 4 year anniversary is coming up in July.  G12P started on July 5, 2008.  In comparison, most crews don't last much past a year. I guarantee those that do work hard to get along and stay together.  I know we do. 
There is a movement to try to get crews to work together.  The National Paranormal Society works to pull people together and I think it is awesome. It is just that no one trusts anyone.  There are no Rules of Conduct.  Until there are, we will all continue to be separate entities unto ourselves, struggling to find answers to the paranormal question:  Is there Something out there?

 We had an awesome time at the Calcutta Memorial Day Celebration on May 27.  Our booth was great, until the storm hit.  Then  our boat sank like a stone and lots of our stuff got wet.   That included us.  But still it was a lot of fun!  We had lemonade on one side of us and pie on the other, both sold by Beaver Local Schools.  Not a bad place to be!
We spent the day talking to people, telling the tales of the county, and making new friends.   


Our booth was also packed with crew members all day and that was the best part!  We love getting together and being a crew.   Abbie and DeeDee came out to lend a hand.  DeeDee is a Newbie crew member, but has proven to be an excellent addition!  Besides playing our Christina Sloan, she is also ready to lend a hand anywhere we need her and her investigating skills are shaping up nicely!

Many of the crew are outstanding, like Jack, who has jumped  in head first to the paranormal world and gives it all he has.  From interviewing people, to taking excellent notes, and working on being a tour guide for the area, his work is proving to be outstanding!
We had an awesome time in Calcutta on May 27 and we are looking forward to being in the other towns of Columbiana County for their events as well!