Saturday, June 2, 2012

 We had an awesome time at the Calcutta Memorial Day Celebration on May 27.  Our booth was great, until the storm hit.  Then  our boat sank like a stone and lots of our stuff got wet.   That included us.  But still it was a lot of fun!  We had lemonade on one side of us and pie on the other, both sold by Beaver Local Schools.  Not a bad place to be!
We spent the day talking to people, telling the tales of the county, and making new friends.   


Our booth was also packed with crew members all day and that was the best part!  We love getting together and being a crew.   Abbie and DeeDee came out to lend a hand.  DeeDee is a Newbie crew member, but has proven to be an excellent addition!  Besides playing our Christina Sloan, she is also ready to lend a hand anywhere we need her and her investigating skills are shaping up nicely!

Many of the crew are outstanding, like Jack, who has jumped  in head first to the paranormal world and gives it all he has.  From interviewing people, to taking excellent notes, and working on being a tour guide for the area, his work is proving to be outstanding!
We had an awesome time in Calcutta on May 27 and we are looking forward to being in the other towns of Columbiana County for their events as well! 

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