Saturday, June 2, 2012

Working With Other Paranormal Groups Is NOT An Easy Task!!

I talk about this a lot, but it is because it is a real problem in the Paranormal Community.  Ghost Hunting groups do not get along with each other.  Hell, it is a struggle to keep your own group together because of inner turmoil.  My theory is it is a residual affect from ghost hunting and actually being around a paranormal entity.  But that is for another post.
We have had our pictures stolen.  We have had other paranormal groups come on our facebook page and fish for people to send to their page (not ethical at all!). We have been bashed on other groups public pages.  We have a private for- crew members-only page that we use to vent about all kinds of things, including other groups and our own differences.  One of our Newbie Crew Members we brought on in Feb was added to this page and then copied our private discussions about other groups we had been dealing with concerning a POSSIBLE apparition picture we had posted.  He then shared those discussions with the groups we were talking about. Ours was NOT public for all to see.  Just our private conversations.  But the backlash from that was horrible.  And their comments about us were public.    This Newbie was promptly kicked off our crew and he is now another group's security risk. 
The arguing,ridicule, and bashing that started from our posting
of this photo was unbelievable.
 But then, there are no Rules of Conduct for the paranormal world.   Another problem: everyone has their own theory about how it all works.  They have their  own theories about what is and is not evidence.  For example, some believe there is something to orbs.  Others dismiss them all  together.  That stems from all the different experiences that people have with the paranormal and how they perceive them. 
Very few groups out there actually study the information they get during investigations.  They are in it for the thrill, yet act like they know what they are talking about based on what they see on Television.   Except that you only see on TV what they think will sell their show.  The more exciting the better.  Sadly, things do not work like you see on the television screen.  Most of the time, real ghost hunting is boring in comparison. 
G12P tries to work with other groups.  We have done joint investigations with other groups and we make videos about it or write about our adventures on this blog.  You have heard me talk about Just Two Ghost Hunters, Paranormal Truth Seekers, and Xtreme Paranormal on here to name a few.  At least two of  those crews are in a couple of our videos.  You can find one mentioned in our Charles Arthur Floyd video and one in a video we did about the Leetonia Cherry Valley Coke Ovens.  Are we friends with these two groups?  No.  Not even close.  We have had our paranormal discrepancies to be sure, and they keep us from any kind of friendship. We would like to be friends with them, but I don't see that ever happening.     
Our 4 year anniversary is coming up in July.  G12P started on July 5, 2008.  In comparison, most crews don't last much past a year. I guarantee those that do work hard to get along and stay together.  I know we do. 
There is a movement to try to get crews to work together.  The National Paranormal Society works to pull people together and I think it is awesome. It is just that no one trusts anyone.  There are no Rules of Conduct.  Until there are, we will all continue to be separate entities unto ourselves, struggling to find answers to the paranormal question:  Is there Something out there?

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