Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bells and Ghost Hunting

Until two years ago, I knew little about bells and the legend about their power against ghosts.  In fact, I had a former crew member insist the sound of bells attracted ghosts.  You found us ringing bells all over the place, and not getting much for our trouble.  Doing a little research into the subject brought on a wealth of information, however.  I have bells at all our events and the cools details about their use.
On a web site called eHow, I found this information about bells:

How to Repel Evil Spirits

Grace Covelli
The story I heard happened in the 1950's.  On Halloween, mothers would send their children out with Bells to ring so they could keep the evil spirits away.

:"Ring a bell, scare a spirit off: This superstition dates all the way back to medieval times, the premise being that the ringing of any type of bells, chimes, even doorbells, etc. will frighten away evil spirits that may be lurking in your home."

Read more: http://socyberty.com/society/halloween-superstitions-worldwide/#ixzz22Dh0LbqS

It pretty much says the same thing anywhere you look about bells.  By using this idea in the field, backwards, we discovered there was no change at all in the amount, or lack there of, of spirit activity around us.  Sometimes we would get EVP and sometimes we would not, for example.  Does ringing a bell work to keep spirits away?  I would say no, not that we found.  But the legend is old, dating back to medevil times and it makes people feel better.  More work with a bell will be done after October.
Ever wonder why most churches have or had bells? Besides the social aspect, use as a warning device and to let everyone know it was time for church, some believed that ringing a church bell, especially one that had been baptised, would keep evil at bay! 

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Our Second July Gretchen's Weekend

 This was one of the best camping weekends we have ever had.  Lots of action and adventure!  We played a ghost hunters game with teams and it was so much fun!  We had four teams racing to complete seven tasks. 
Jack's team was victorious.  We had several visitors who participated and Jacks team included Kelly, Tomarra, Julie and Melissa.  Great job Dark Knights! 
After all the rain, which was an adventure in itself, the fog rolled in Saturday night along with it came all the orbs.  This pic is nothing to what some looked like.

 Our little tent city is always homey and comfortable!  This time we had 9 tents and over thirty people once more occupied our little Sprucevale! 
One of our many adventures included investigating over by the hitching posts.  Unfortunately, we had some visitors who were not exactly on our team.  They ended up throwing rock at us. 

 We didn't know what to make of it at first.  Rocks kept being thrown from the woods and thumping  on the ground.  Alex Menough saw several guys up in the woods and we knew we had some pranksters on our hands.
This is the size of rocks they were throwing at us.  Not sure what they were doing, but if they would have hit one of us with these rocks, someone would have been hurt.  Thankfully they quit soon after they started. 
 WE ended up having guards on duty most of the night from all the excitement.  But is was so much  fun!!!
Our next camping trip to Gretchen's Lock will be later in the month of Aug and also one in the fall.  We will be playing our ghost hunting game again and, as always, be  on the look out for ghosts and Bigfoot!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


According to DeadOhio, this little cemetery was owned by the Mother of Sorrows Church in Helltown, Ohio.  This church was also known as the Satanic Church of Helltown.  The church is torn down now.  We went to this little cemetery while on our camping trip at the end of June in the Akron area.  It is sad when a beautiful little cemetery gets a name like this that is associated strictly with hearsay and legend.  That is where the controversy comes in.  Should you write about things like this that ultimately might hurt someones feelings?
That is a hard question.  G12P did a podcast at this little cemetery.  It is actually a funny little spoof that has us telling the ghostly legends of the cemetery while our brawny male ghost hunter, Dave, flexes his muscular arms (sort of a spoof of Ghost Adventures).  Yes, that is controversial, but if you even mention the "S" word (Satan), that is almost a taboo thing.  So, yes, we lightened it up.  And I won't change it.  I like it just the way it is.  We did a few EVP sessions there and got absolutely nothing.  I think it is just a sleepy little cemetery with an undeserved bad reputation.
Cry Baby Bridge in Salem, Ohio is another controversy.  While there are several versions of this urban legend, all over the country, Salem's bridge has a few extra stories about it, including the Demon Truck said to haunt the road beyond the bridge.  The controversy here is the unfortunate murder of a woman in 2010 and the fact that her body was left burning very near this bridge.  Should people still go out there since this happened? 
That is a hard question to answer.  What about the stories that have been told before that?  They are a part of the history, albeit, legendary history, of the area.    Don't forget the many people who have gone out there for years and had scary adventures with the ghostly white lady or the ones who heard the cries of the baby coming from under the bridge. People grew up with these tales.  They are part of the culture of the area.   
It is this reason that we chose to include Cry Baby Bridge on the trolley tour for Salem this year in October.  Controversial?  Yes. 
Yet another example of controversy in this field is dealing with the long dead.  The Silver Crypt of  Wellsville, Ohio has a legend about it concerning an evil doctor who was refused burial on hallowed ground.  The real story has him being a well loved and respected doctor in Wellsville along with several family members who made history being buried there with him.  His wife was daughter to the founder of Hammondsville and his son became mayor of Wellsville and later a republican representative for Ohio.  But there is still that legend that keeps floating around.  What do you do with it?  G12P tells the story, but always including the real story that we think is much better than the legend. How can we teach the real story it if we don't tell the legend? The Silver Family has relatives out west who have been upset by our video. Even though they never met these family members and that 125 years separate their times on this earth, they are still affected by it.  If we were just spreading the legend portraying Dr. Silver as an evil man, I would say that would be wrong.  But we work to get his real story out there.  Controversial?  Yes.  Worth the controversy to keep doing it?  Yes.
Dealing with the paranormal will always be controversial.  We are dealing with the dead in many cases and with that always comes sadness or fear.  Getting the truth out there is worth the effort though.  Our real history always is.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Using a Laser Grid to Ghost Hunt

We recently added a new piece of equipment to our list of ghost hunting toys.   Amber got a laser grid  pen and we are eager to use it in the field. To the left you see Jack standing in the laser field.  You can see the points of light actually outline him.  Below we sent out little Masion to be outlined.
According to theory, the lights will seemingly cluster around an apparition that might wander into the light grid field.  On the living it is awesome.  We will let you know how it works as we use it!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

More Research Into The Billy Amos Ghost Story

One of my favorite stories from Columbiana County is the ghostly tale Billy Amos.  You might ask why and I will tell you because it is based on a true story!  You can find his grave, and his parents are buried there.
For anyone who does not know it, little Billy Amos was born in 1919 and died in 1925 of a congenital heart defect.  He was buried in Spring Grove Cemetery.  For years afterward it was reported that he haunted the cemetery as a shadow person and was seen playing hide and go seek among the cemetery stones.  Some even claimed to have seen him trying to cross the road to get back home, where his family lived on Ashbaugh Lane.
The grave stone of William and Agnes Amos
the parents of Billy Amos.
This haunting activity went on until 1954, when his mother, Agnes, finally died. It is believed that once she died, she went to Spring Grove to get her son and take him with her when she crossed over.

 While I was able to determine that the family did not live on Ashbaugh Lane at the time of Billy's death, they did move there about 10 years later. By the time Agnes passed,  they did in fact live on Ashbaugh Lane and could see the cemetery from their home. 
When I took this pic,I was standing on
the porch of the home that Billy's
parents lived in at one time.  The
current owners would prefer not'
to have their address known at this time.

In this picture I can see the Amos house from
 the cemetery....

I was also able to find the actual address of the Amos Family at the time of Billy's life, and death.  It is almost certain that he died at home.

A little deeper searching and I found that Billy was born on Ogden Street, overlooking the city of East Liverpool.  His address was 313 Ogden Street.  Since I found the Ashbaugh Lane address to be in tact, I was hopeful that the Ogden Street Address would  be also. Sadly, it was not. The house is long gone. 
Ogden Road. On the right is where
Billy's house, 313 Ogden Street,once stood.

  I walked around, hoping to find some remnants of the house that was once there,but not much is left. I was hoping to see if Billy haunted the house he was born and probably died in.  While I would still like to investigate the area, I need to find out who owns it and get permission first.  I am looking into that.

The probably site of 313 Ogden street, the home of Billy Amos.
Sometimes, legends are based on fact.  In this case, being able to trace where the Legend, Billy Amos, actually lived, makes this job just awesome!


After hearing the rumor that there was severe vandalism at Bowman's Cemetery, a few crew members and I went out to investigate.  I had heard it was pretty bad and we wanted to see how hard it would be to repair it. 
Thankfully, it was not as bad as we first heard.  The larger stones were knocked over, so I think we can rule out the wind.  there was also a few of the wooden crosses that were broken.  But all very fixable and that is a relief.

It will take more than a few of us to pick up some of the stones knocked over, though.  One of the stones weighs close to 1000 lbs and it makes me wonder how anyone even moved it, much less knock it over.
We have a few crosses to use to replace the broken ones, and hopefully Sunday, we will venture out there and try to pick up the large stones now sitting on the ground.  I hope no one was injured when these things were knocked over!  
Please try to remember that cemeteries are sacred places that we trust are safe for our loved ones to Rest In Peace.  Even when our relatives are gone, who take care of our resting place, it is up to us to continue with that.  What if it was someone you knew and loved who was buried here?  You would want this place protected.   
I can not make people respect this little cemetery.  It is common sense to do that.  Be professional and help to protect this little cemetery.  :\

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Our First Podcast---Ghosting With G12P #1


Our first podcast is up and going.  Doing a podcast is harder than it sounds. Not just the doing, but the editing afterward is rough.  Deciding what to pitch and what to keep needs some work on my part, but, as with everything else, the more practice I get, the better I will get at it.  I would appreciate some feedback, if you would like to give it.  If you are planning on beating me up about it, please don't.  I jump in with both feet and see what works.  Constructive criticism would be awesome, however. And please don't just mention  what you hate.  Let me know if there is something you like, too.  If I agree, we will use it more. 
#2 will be ready in a day or so.  It is  filmed and partially edited.  I am having trouble making the sound the way I like it on one part.  You can expect our version of "Over There" with David McElhaney, and "Oh Holy 8 Ball" with Jon McElhaney (yes, they are brothers!).  Also, the part I am having trouble with is called "Darkness at Beaver Creek State Park", which is an investigation we did in April that was spooktacular!  Nothing with evidence for any of you evidence-bashing watchdogs out there, but the drama we experienced through one of our crew psychics.  A good psychic can really up the stakes at an investigation and G12P has two worthy psychics who do just that.  But more about them in future events.  :)

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Brandywine Falls

This picture taken by Will Hilditch

The boardwalk that leads to the deck
to view the falls.

One of the places we visited in the Akron, Canton, Kent area was Brandywine Falls. Very beautiful there, but also scary. Apparently several people have fallen to their deaths here, climbing along the top of the falls(youtube video). Creepy. 

Dave hopping around the large boulders
at the bottom of the falls.

Amber at the base of the falls.

 I was enchanted with the whole place until we later went to the top of the falls along a boardwalk. Scary. Very Scary.   At this time of year it looks like dry footing, but it gets very slippery up here in wetter times. 
An awesome boardwalk leads to the falls.

The best thing about our adventures at Cuyahoga National Park was it was all free.  You can't beat that!

And of course,several of my crew members couldn't resist exploring
below the falls.  They tried at the top, but I said NO!

And of course there was the Forgotten Village of Brandywine! I love ForgottenVillages!
The story of the area is found on story boards you can view.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Visiting Akron, Canton, and Kent This past weekend~

We had a busy weekend and learned several ghostly tales about Akron/Canton and Kent!  We will have several stories on here in the next few days and lots of pics!