Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bells and Ghost Hunting

Until two years ago, I knew little about bells and the legend about their power against ghosts.  In fact, I had a former crew member insist the sound of bells attracted ghosts.  You found us ringing bells all over the place, and not getting much for our trouble.  Doing a little research into the subject brought on a wealth of information, however.  I have bells at all our events and the cools details about their use.
On a web site called eHow, I found this information about bells:

How to Repel Evil Spirits

Grace Covelli
The story I heard happened in the 1950's.  On Halloween, mothers would send their children out with Bells to ring so they could keep the evil spirits away.

:"Ring a bell, scare a spirit off: This superstition dates all the way back to medieval times, the premise being that the ringing of any type of bells, chimes, even doorbells, etc. will frighten away evil spirits that may be lurking in your home."

Read more: http://socyberty.com/society/halloween-superstitions-worldwide/#ixzz22Dh0LbqS

It pretty much says the same thing anywhere you look about bells.  By using this idea in the field, backwards, we discovered there was no change at all in the amount, or lack there of, of spirit activity around us.  Sometimes we would get EVP and sometimes we would not, for example.  Does ringing a bell work to keep spirits away?  I would say no, not that we found.  But the legend is old, dating back to medevil times and it makes people feel better.  More work with a bell will be done after October.
Ever wonder why most churches have or had bells? Besides the social aspect, use as a warning device and to let everyone know it was time for church, some believed that ringing a church bell, especially one that had been baptised, would keep evil at bay! 

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