Thursday, July 19, 2012


After hearing the rumor that there was severe vandalism at Bowman's Cemetery, a few crew members and I went out to investigate.  I had heard it was pretty bad and we wanted to see how hard it would be to repair it. 
Thankfully, it was not as bad as we first heard.  The larger stones were knocked over, so I think we can rule out the wind.  there was also a few of the wooden crosses that were broken.  But all very fixable and that is a relief.

It will take more than a few of us to pick up some of the stones knocked over, though.  One of the stones weighs close to 1000 lbs and it makes me wonder how anyone even moved it, much less knock it over.
We have a few crosses to use to replace the broken ones, and hopefully Sunday, we will venture out there and try to pick up the large stones now sitting on the ground.  I hope no one was injured when these things were knocked over!  
Please try to remember that cemeteries are sacred places that we trust are safe for our loved ones to Rest In Peace.  Even when our relatives are gone, who take care of our resting place, it is up to us to continue with that.  What if it was someone you knew and loved who was buried here?  You would want this place protected.   
I can not make people respect this little cemetery.  It is common sense to do that.  Be professional and help to protect this little cemetery.  :\

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