Friday, August 31, 2012


I got up early Saturday morning and took these pics while we were camping at Gretchen's Lock.  I always get some great shots there!  These are some of my favorites!


Thursday, August 30, 2012

G12P on Spreaker!!

We have a radio show on Spreaker!  We are so excited about it!  Jack Menough started it for us and are so glad he did!  Besides being an awesome radio host, he is also one of our Lead Investigators!
Last night we did a live broadcast  from the Death Site Of Pretty Boy Floyd.  We are having another one on Friday night at 11pm from the same place.  Please tune in and listen!  Check us out here:
Ghosting 12 Paranormal on Spreaker  This is our Pretty Boy Floyd episode! 
We are looking for ideas and would love to answer your questions about the crew or the paranormal! If we don't know the answer, we will do our best to find someone who can help you! 
Send your questions or ideas to

On this episode we also talk about the Jaycee's Haunted House for 2012! 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


 I haven't thought much about the Woolen Mill at Sprucevale.  I had an experience there where I saw what I believe to be a Ghost Dog, though I also think it to be residual.  Other than that,  I am always more centered on the Grist Mill, which is still standing. 

Early Saturday morning, while were were camping last weekend, I went for a photo shoot of the area and noticed a bit of some foundation peaking through the ground across from the Mill.

 I took a few pics of it and wondered if it is the woolen mill of Sprucevale. 
None of my pics do the site justice or show how much is really there.  It is usually flooded here, especially in wet weather.  Yet, here it is. I am looking for more information on the Woolen Mill over the next couple of weeks. 

Here is a closeup of the the map on the little Sprucevale Memorial over by the site of the old house. The remains above could be the Woolen Mill.  I will let you know what I find.  If you know anything and can direct me to the actual documentation that I can find it in, please let me know.  And if your info doesn't come from a book, I don't want to know about it.  The Internet is wrong all over the place.  There are currently a lot of people out there guessing at the history of the area and claiming they know a lot, when what they know is A LOT OF BULL. 

Monday, August 27, 2012

Our August Camp Out At Gretchen's Lock

We had a great time camping this weekend!  Pictures will be coming later on tonight.  Our next camping trip will  be somewhere around the end of September! We have a new addition to our events page so please check it out.  We also paid for our sight at the Johnny Appleseed Festival, so look for us there on September 15-16!  Be back later tonight!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Gretchen's Camp Out August 24-26

We will be at Gretchen's Lock this weekend camping for the 4th time this summer!  As always, look for us in Group Camp #1!  Ghost hunting and Bigfoot events will abound!  We are going to have a ghost hunting race on Saturday night!  You have to stop in 7 places and do three things:
1. Take 5 pictures
2. Do one video
3. Do one EVP
All three actions must be done in each place, designated by us.  What ever group gets the best EVP, does the best video and takes the best picture, wins!  (probably just a certificate, but any recognition is good, right? 
Hope to see you down there!!!

The Salem Historical Society Ghost Trolley Tours Sold Out Both Tours

Thank you to the Salem Historical Society for allowing us
the opportunity to participate in their spooky fundraiser event!
Kevin Shaffer(volunteer at the society) and Daniel Means (bus driver)
pictured above along with members of G12P!

Goldie Bell Taylor looks us over as our tourists listen to her sad tale.

Our ride for the evening! 

Both  bus tours for the evening sold out.  We visited Grandview Cemetery and Hope Cemetery.  We also viewed several houses known to be haunted in the city, as well as areas that were once grave yards, but are not any more.  I think everyone had an awesome time and we hope they all come back for the tour in October.  Cry Baby Bridge WILL BE ON THE TOUR THIS YEAR!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Things I like about East End, East Liverpool, Ohio

Granny's Shanty, on Ohio Avenue, is
beautiful, at least to this ghost
hunter's eye. 
The is the old East End Street Car Barn.
I knew it had to be something before I saw the
plaque out front.  I was thinking an old
pottery, but.....
Down on Ohio Avenue in East End, you will find this awesome old house.  It even has a name.  Granny's Shanty.  Why it is called that, I do not know, but I love this old house!  I truly hope it has a story!  I am usually right when I get that gut feeling. 
This is what the plaque says in front of what is now the East
Liverpool Street Department.

 This old church you will find on St. George Street.  It looks like a castle.  I thought it was abandoned
but I drove past it one day while delivering a pizza and saw a crowd of happy people exiting.  I was very happy to find that someone still loves this building and will take care of it!
And honestly, who does not like Maxi's Lunch Box?  They have awesome food and a great family atmosphere!
Then there is the old Garfield school.  I love  this old building!  Now a community center, it kind of represents East End.   

Then there is this:
This is the view from Ohio Avenue in the lower half of East End.  This would be nice to wake up to every day. 
East End is an awesome little part of East Liverpool.  There is a lot more I like about the area, but I ran out of time before I could get pictures of it all. 

Monday, August 13, 2012


Ghosting 12 Paranormal will be helping out with the walking and trolley tours for the
Salem Historical Society on August 18!  They don't mention us in the paper, but it is us!  The tours are full of history, mystery, and fun!  Please come out and join us.  For Reservations, please call the Salem Historical Society @(330) 337 - 8514 !  The Walking Tour is $10 per person and the Trolley tour is $15 per person. 

August 12 Was An Awesome Ghost Hunting Weekend!

 We spent most of the night Saturday night at Gretchen's, until well past 3am.  We walked back the trails to Lock 41 (Gretchen's Lock)  with friends, and made lots of new friends. The trails at night are a lot more ominous than during the day!
 We did all our usual ghost hunting tricks, like asking for orbs in our pictures at the sight of the old house.  No one got one in their hand though.  Bummer, truly.
 There were a lot of people out Friday night, many of them Ghost Hunters with a group.  We just visited for the evening this weekend rather than camping. 
 WE also went out Sunday and had a tour as well.  Even after being out to 4 am, my crew returned the next day at 1pm tour some more.  Hard Core Ghost Hunters for sure! 

Touring Gretchen's Lock, one woman had all her equipment just stop working.  Once we left the lock area however,  it all started working again.  That is a typical phenomenon in this area!  Some say it is the work of the Mushroom Lady!

There were far too many people to really catch anything this weekend, but we did get a few interesting catches with a ghost box in the Grist Mill, both Saturday night and Sunday.  Working on a video for it and hope to have it out soon.
Did you see anything?  Let us know if you did!

We are camping once again at Gretchen's Lock on Aug 24-26! If you feel like an adventure, please come down and visit us!

Monday, August 6, 2012

August 12 Is This Sunday! Gretchen and Esther Would Love a Visit From You!

This weekend falls on August 12 and that is Gretchen's Birthday (along with our Sammi) and the wedding day for Esther Hale!  We encourage you to come down to the park this weekend and look around for these elusive lady ghosts! 
Sammi as "Gretchen Gill"

Brooke as "Esther Hale".
But beware!  Legends claims that if Esther Hale touches you, you will grow old and die while she becomes young and beautiful again.   Better to see her only from afar!
If you are planning on being in the park this weekend, please be careful around the bridge because people fly over that thing and no ghost is worth dying over. Also, if you plan on driving down there, look for any stray ghost hunters staking out the bridge.  They don't need to join the haunting, literally. 

Sunday, August 5, 2012

August is a Blue Moon Month

Aug 31 is the next Blue Moon (The last one being in November of 2010, I think)  and G12P will be out (at an undisclosed location) investigating an area to see if a double full moon in one month makes a difference in the paranormal realm.  We went out in November of 2010 and didn't get anything, so we hope to get something this time.  Are there any other groups out there that have tried this to see what would happen!  We would love to hear what you got!