Wednesday, August 29, 2012


 I haven't thought much about the Woolen Mill at Sprucevale.  I had an experience there where I saw what I believe to be a Ghost Dog, though I also think it to be residual.  Other than that,  I am always more centered on the Grist Mill, which is still standing. 

Early Saturday morning, while were were camping last weekend, I went for a photo shoot of the area and noticed a bit of some foundation peaking through the ground across from the Mill.

 I took a few pics of it and wondered if it is the woolen mill of Sprucevale. 
None of my pics do the site justice or show how much is really there.  It is usually flooded here, especially in wet weather.  Yet, here it is. I am looking for more information on the Woolen Mill over the next couple of weeks. 

Here is a closeup of the the map on the little Sprucevale Memorial over by the site of the old house. The remains above could be the Woolen Mill.  I will let you know what I find.  If you know anything and can direct me to the actual documentation that I can find it in, please let me know.  And if your info doesn't come from a book, I don't want to know about it.  The Internet is wrong all over the place.  There are currently a lot of people out there guessing at the history of the area and claiming they know a lot, when what they know is A LOT OF BULL. 

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