Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Things I like about East End, East Liverpool, Ohio

Granny's Shanty, on Ohio Avenue, is
beautiful, at least to this ghost
hunter's eye. 
The is the old East End Street Car Barn.
I knew it had to be something before I saw the
plaque out front.  I was thinking an old
pottery, but.....
Down on Ohio Avenue in East End, you will find this awesome old house.  It even has a name.  Granny's Shanty.  Why it is called that, I do not know, but I love this old house!  I truly hope it has a story!  I am usually right when I get that gut feeling. 
This is what the plaque says in front of what is now the East
Liverpool Street Department.

 This old church you will find on St. George Street.  It looks like a castle.  I thought it was abandoned
but I drove past it one day while delivering a pizza and saw a crowd of happy people exiting.  I was very happy to find that someone still loves this building and will take care of it!
And honestly, who does not like Maxi's Lunch Box?  They have awesome food and a great family atmosphere!
Then there is the old Garfield school.  I love  this old building!  Now a community center, it kind of represents East End.   

Then there is this:
This is the view from Ohio Avenue in the lower half of East End.  This would be nice to wake up to every day. 
East End is an awesome little part of East Liverpool.  There is a lot more I like about the area, but I ran out of time before I could get pictures of it all. 

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