Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mulberry Street-East End-Then and Now

 I travel to East End a lot with my job, so I get to see a lot of it.  I have hit roads seldom used by anyone, and these roads sometimes hold secrets from our historic past! 
One of the cool things I noticed was this picture I found in a book in the library. (Name of  the Book is coming.  Sorry, I forgot to write it down :()
This is Mulberry Street in East Liverpool in about the year 1900.  It describes where the pic was taken in the caption, so I hope I chose the right spot, as I tried to guess which place they stood.  ALL THE BUILDINGS ARE DIFFERENT NOW, SO IT IS HARD TO TELL FOR SURE.
Today, the Bar Legends, and the restaurant Casa De Emanuel, can be found on Mulberry Street.  The Telephone poles on the left of the pic look similar to those found there today also.  For the most part, all the buildings are gone and new ones built in their place.  Lots of changes for this area over the last 100 years.  East Liverpool was once a huge city, but today it is a ghost of its former self.  And with there being so much history in this fading old town, I have to wonder just how many houses and buildings are haunted....

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