Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Just a reminder that G12P does private investigations for FREE.  You get a copy of all pictures we take as well as all EVP or Ghost Box Sessions.  We also do a video that sums up what we discover, if anything.  We have two psychics on our crew and a written report from them will be included for you as well.  Under certain circumstances we do travel up to an hour from our base city of East Liverpool.  Anywhere in Columbiana County, as well as in certain parts of Jefferson, Mahoning, Beaver, or Hancock counties are included in our travel zone.  If you live farther away than that, we can also do our best to find someone closer to you that can come and help.  All private investigations are kept confidential unless you state otherwise.  As lead investigator, I have 9 years of experience to back me up.  Our crew has been together over 4 years.  We have several large investigations under our belt as well as all of our work in our communities doing fundraisers for places like Salem Historical Society. 
Please feel free to contact us at ghosting12@yahoo.com for more information. 

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Salem Walking And Trolley Tours Oct 27, 2012

 We were wet and cold, but we had 4 successful tours Saturday!  A lot of hard work went into these tours, but it is so worth it. Besides getting to do what we love (giving haunted and historical tours of our awesome county!)  we also get to help out one of the best Historical Societies around.
Jack Menough does our walking tour!
All the proceeds for these events went straight to the Salem Historical Society. While you might wonder why we do that, there is a simple answer to that question.  In order to find the ghosts we are seeking, it really helps to know the history of the area you are headed into.  We have found that to be true time and time again.  Salem Historical Society has always helped us when we asked.  We are just returning the favor. 
Dan Means (in red) is our bus driver for the tours and he is
Not every place we visited on our tours was haunted, but the history that surrounded those places was worth the telling.

Yes, you often find us in costume on our events.  You will not be surprised to find that some members are living historians.  Dani Spencer is one of those types of people.  She has been an awesome addition to our crew.  We appreciate her knowledge and expertise in the historical field.

We were also joined by  Karen Biery.  She is the author of such books as Believe, Chattels, and Pieces. She is currently working on her next book, but has not yet gave a clue as to what she is working on. We are waiting patiently for her next book, as it will be well worth it!
 Also joining us was David McElhaney.  You saw him at Grandview Cemetery and on the Trolley Tour at midnight.
For me, telling the history, haunted, or not, of this charming, historical , growing, smart, friendly little city is worth our time and effort.  I appreciate all the people I get to meet and work with personally, too. Thank you to everyone who attended the tours this year.  Know that next year, the walking tour will change quite a bit, though the trolley tour is something we are happy with for now.   But, we are always looking....

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Tomlinson Run Park's Hayride and Ghost Walk

Crew members' Sammi, Amber, Lisa, me, Jon, and Jack all
attended tonight ghost walk event.
 My crew and I went to Tomlinson Run  State Park in West Virginia tonight.  They are having a Hayride and Ghost Walk and it was awesome! 

 You park your car at the bottom of the hill and ride a wagon up to the camp ground where the cabins are.  The air was pretty warm tonight and the tractor-trailer ride was lots of fun.
We then proceeded to go through two larger haunted houses, and then several smaller ones.  You follow a path that is decorated with grave yards, and other haunting scenes.  All this for only $3 a person! 

There is no age limit.  You can decide what is too scary for your child.  One of the cool things about it is that some of the scarers are kids, too! Like I said, I loved it!  So did my crew!

Tomlinson Run State Park is putting on some great family fair that is well worth a moment of your time, with your family!!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Writer Interested In The East Liverpool Area....

We recently met with a man named Timothy Patrick.  He is a writer from Maryland who came to town to do some research on this area.  He is writing a book with some paranormal undertones and thought this area might be a good place to have his fictional characters live.  He did choose the right place.

He is interested in some of the real history of the area, including some unsolved murders from past decades. 
 We gave him a tour of one of the most haunted areas we know of....Gretchen's Lock.  He was interested in the whole story and crawled all over the lock itself.   
 It was beautiful out, though cold, and our adventure occurred at midnight,as any good ghost adventure should be.  We started out around 10:30 or so, but by the time we got around all the meet and greet things, it was well past midnight when we set out for the lock.
We look forward to the book Mr. Patrick is writing and wish him great success with it. 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Salem Ghost Trolley Tours are sold out!

Not surprisingly, the Salem Trolley tours are sold out for both OCT 27.  That is fantastic! All proceeds go to the Salem Historical Society , so they can keep doing what they do: preserve Salem History!  There are some openings for the walking tour still available, however.

It's Halloween....

Just a reminder that Esther Hale is waiting for you at Gretchen's Lock. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Few Moments From The October 13 Salem Ghost Tours

Jack and Dani ready for the walking tour, given by Jack, in
 We had one Ghost Walk through the streets of Salem  on Saturday, Oct 13, and then three sold out trolley tours, that extended into midnight!
Jack telling the sad tale of Elizabeth and Harold Sharp.
The walking tour tells some of the sad tales of local history.  Some are not sad at all, nor tragic.  some just have to do with the history in general and include tales of President John Kennedy, and Col. George Armstrong Custer. 
We found ourselves in the dark in spooky places like Grandview Cemetery, Hope Cemetery, and Cry Baby Bridge!

 By the 10 pm tour, we made it to Cry Baby Bridge just at midnight, and we waited breathlessly in the bus as we shined our lights down to the bridge like the legend says to do.  Supposedly, a white mist should come up over the side of the bridge and settle in the center of it... before it starts to come toward you!
And of course, what Ghostly Salem tour could end with out a visit to Goldie Bell Taylor? 
The next tour for Salem is Oct 27.  The Trolley tours have sold out, but there are some spots left for the walking tours.  You might also try asking about being put on a list in case someone cancels.  We hope to see you out there for a spooky time in Salem, Ohio!!!

Friday, October 12, 2012


LOCK 57  Located just across the OH/PA border, at the end of Calcutta Smith Ferry Road.  We have found it to be very haunted there and worth a visit, especially at night.
THE WILLIAMS HOUSE at Beaver Creek State Park, Pioneer Village, has its share of things that go bump in the night.  If you bump them, they bump back.  Awesome ghostly activity here.
GRIMMS BRIDGE ABANDONED TRAIN TUNNEL  is, without a doubt one of the most spooky places in this area.  Hard to get to, but well worth a visit.  Only the bravest of the brave attempt this at night.....
ACROSS BEAVER CREEK AT PIONEER VILLAGE  is that little part of the park that meets up with Dog Wood Trail.  This is a place we visit often because it is very hauntingly active.  Here you are looking for the little Angel of Beaver Creek  and other things......
This is the Silver Crypt, in Wellsville.  Out of sheer respect, do not attempt a visit here at night, but do trek the woods for a day adventure. 
THE HAUNTED STAIRS OF EAST LIVERPOOL  is a newly found area of interest that is showing promising activity.  One EVP we got here said simply "I SEE YOU".
GROVE HILL CEMETERY in Hanoverton is an awesome sight, complete with the Legend of Christina Sloan to go with it. This area is toured by the Hanoverton Historical Society. The phone number to find out about the tours is ( 330) 277-4909 .
SPRING GROVE CEMETERY- Once considered a paupers cemetery, there are over 8000 people buried here.  Known for sightings of ghosts walking among the stones, it is spooky, even in the day.  We have a tour scheduled here on Oct 21 at 4pm!  Free!  But we are taking donations to give to the volunteers who take care of the area!
GRETCHEN'S LOCK, by far one of the most haunted places, even in the state of Ohio and well worth a visit.  For the truly brave souls out there, try it at night.  We are repeatedly amazed at the level of activity we are finding in this ghostly realm. 
CRY BABY BRIDGE IN SALEM, OHIO, which is located on Egypt Road, is one of the spookiest places I have ever been to.  A long abandoned road leads away from it into the unknown.  We are visiting this bridge on our Salem Trolley Tours this weekend. The Trolley Tours are sold out.  Hmmm. I wonder why?

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Remember, That Spooky Mist In Your Pics Might Just Be Your Breath

While it is awesome to get a cool pic with a strange mist in it, try to remember at this time of year, you can see your breath and your camera can easily capture it in photos.  Tonight we were down at Gretchen's Lock (long story as to why. Had to do with some one claiming to be a park ranger, but not in uniform, and didn't have a ranger car either. )

Pictured above is Amber, Lindsey, Brooke, Sammi, Jeff,and Lance.  The Phantom mist is just my own breath as I took the picture.  By the way, the fake ranger left as Amber, Jon, and I pulled in to the park.  We are looking into what is going on about that. This guy claimed he was a ranger at first and then said he had the same powers as a ranger and could kick people out of the park if he wanted to. If you know anything about this guy claiming to be a ranger, please let us know.  I am making a call to the Park Office tomorrow. 

Monday, October 8, 2012

2012 Trick or Treat Times in Columbiana County, Ohio And Surrounding Areas

Beloit – Wednesday, Oct. 31 - 5 to 7PM
Columbiana –Wednesday, Oct. 31 - 5 to 7PM
East Liverpool – Wednesday, NOV 3- 6 to 7:30PM
East Palestine – Tuesday, Oct. 30 - 6 to 7PM
Leetonia - Wednesday, Oct. 31 - 5 to 7PM
Lisbon – Wednesday, Oct. 31 – 5 to 7PM
Salem –Wednesday, Oct. 31 - 5:30 to 7:30PM
Sebring – Wednesday, Oct. 31 - 5 to 6:30PM

This is the list I have so far.  For any areas I do not have check with WKBN Channel 27
Photo taken in Jaycee's Haunted House in East Liverpool,Ohio

I will update this as I get more information! Bwhahahahahahaha!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Few Pics From the Spring Grove Tour Oct 7, 2012

This is Lindsey, a crew member from the Virginia G12P crew.

Sammi always wows with here ghostly ways!

Andy, Debbie's husband, played Alex Coleman, Andersonville survivor.

Pam was an awesome ghost!
Lance, Brooke, Amber, Lisa, Will, Dee Dee, Mike, and little Alexus, did an awesome tour job today, too.  Despitethe rain, and cold temps, they stuck it out, like always to do the tour!  Dedicated, one and all!
Danny played our Johnny Ashbaugh!

Sammi and Brooke dressed for a spooky time!
Jack and Debbie did most of the tour today, practicing for the busy month we have in store for us. Don't know what I'd do without them!  Our next tour is Oct 21 and we will be out in force to have a creepy, phantom filled tour.  We hope the weather is much better than today!

Friday, October 5, 2012

East Liverpool Is Having 2 Ghost Walks

G12P is really looking forward to this one!  We will let you know the dates when we hear about them!   Way to go East Liverpool Historical Society! 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Another Part of Calcutta History....GONE

 This beautiful old house has graced Calcutta for over 100 years.  While I tried to find some ghost story about it somewhere, the only thing I heard was how wonderful it was to live there.
It was a place of wonderful gatherings with football games in the yard, friends getting together, wonderful Holidays together, and everything a home should be.

Today, it looks like this.  It will be a gaping hole for those of us who appreciated it for what it was: Part of Calcutta's history.