Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Writer Interested In The East Liverpool Area....

We recently met with a man named Timothy Patrick.  He is a writer from Maryland who came to town to do some research on this area.  He is writing a book with some paranormal undertones and thought this area might be a good place to have his fictional characters live.  He did choose the right place.

He is interested in some of the real history of the area, including some unsolved murders from past decades. 
 We gave him a tour of one of the most haunted areas we know of....Gretchen's Lock.  He was interested in the whole story and crawled all over the lock itself.   
 It was beautiful out, though cold, and our adventure occurred at midnight,as any good ghost adventure should be.  We started out around 10:30 or so, but by the time we got around all the meet and greet things, it was well past midnight when we set out for the lock.
We look forward to the book Mr. Patrick is writing and wish him great success with it. 

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