Sunday, October 28, 2012

Salem Walking And Trolley Tours Oct 27, 2012

 We were wet and cold, but we had 4 successful tours Saturday!  A lot of hard work went into these tours, but it is so worth it. Besides getting to do what we love (giving haunted and historical tours of our awesome county!)  we also get to help out one of the best Historical Societies around.
Jack Menough does our walking tour!
All the proceeds for these events went straight to the Salem Historical Society. While you might wonder why we do that, there is a simple answer to that question.  In order to find the ghosts we are seeking, it really helps to know the history of the area you are headed into.  We have found that to be true time and time again.  Salem Historical Society has always helped us when we asked.  We are just returning the favor. 
Dan Means (in red) is our bus driver for the tours and he is
Not every place we visited on our tours was haunted, but the history that surrounded those places was worth the telling.

Yes, you often find us in costume on our events.  You will not be surprised to find that some members are living historians.  Dani Spencer is one of those types of people.  She has been an awesome addition to our crew.  We appreciate her knowledge and expertise in the historical field.

We were also joined by  Karen Biery.  She is the author of such books as Believe, Chattels, and Pieces. She is currently working on her next book, but has not yet gave a clue as to what she is working on. We are waiting patiently for her next book, as it will be well worth it!
 Also joining us was David McElhaney.  You saw him at Grandview Cemetery and on the Trolley Tour at midnight.
For me, telling the history, haunted, or not, of this charming, historical , growing, smart, friendly little city is worth our time and effort.  I appreciate all the people I get to meet and work with personally, too. Thank you to everyone who attended the tours this year.  Know that next year, the walking tour will change quite a bit, though the trolley tour is something we are happy with for now.   But, we are always looking....

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