Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Haunted Dolls


On a recent investigation, we discovered a cabinet full of old dolls, teddy bears, and other antiques.  The dolls were fascinating, as they were over 100 years old.  That was cool in itself, but then the owners told us the dolls were haunted.  Really?  I said!  In fact, they bought the dolls because they were haunted. 

Both dolls have little girls that haunt them, perhaps little misses that cherished their toys, but died while still children. 
We did extensive work around the area of the cabinet, but so far, nothing has come of our efforts.  No EVP or anything to suggest any spectres attached to the dolls.  However, I loved the idea that they bought the dolls only because they were supposed to be haunted.  They are getting the stories about them so I can share it with you. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Real Johnny Appleseed Is Buried In Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati

Imagine my surprise one of my crew members, I think it was Kar, told me that Johnny Appleseed was buried at Spring Grove.  Once we found that out, we had to find his grave site.  It is very grand.  And unusual.  I

It was interesting to find the real story about John Chapman, born Sept 26, 1774 and died March 18, 1845.  He came to the frontier of Ohio and Indiana as a missionary.  He truly did plant apple seeds, helping the earth to bare fruit. 

Yet another reason to visit Spring Grove Cemetery in Cincinnati.  :)


 You can investigate Bobby Mackey's, though it is $595 per night to do that.  We had done the Sedamsville Rectory the night before, so we opted for a fun night out instead of another investigation.  Of course, if Ghost Hunters are going out together, it should at least be at a haunted bar.
Posted right inside the front door it clearly states the bar is very haunted.  Yep, our kind of bar for sure!

 We sat for a few minutes and had a drink.  It was nice and the band was awesome. 
 On all the tables you could find invitations to look for ghosts.  You can even get a two hour tour for $10 per person. 
 Ultimately we hit the pool tables and that is where we were parked for the night. 
 Sammi kept asking about riding the Mechanical Bull beside the pool tables and at first we thought she was kidding. 
 The guys in the crew LOVED Bobby Mackey's.  You will have to ask them why.
Lisa showed everyone her pool skills.  Little did we know she was eyeing the Bull too.

The Bull waited only a short time before G12P crew members started riding it.  We have video of that, coming soon! 

Ghostly Tales From Spring Grove Cemetery In Cincinnati

 Over 200,000 people are buried in Spring Grove Cemetery in Cincinnati. So many people, you would think there would be several ghost stories about the place. So far, I have only found two.  This first one is about an Optometrist named Charles C. Breuer.  It is told that he wanted his real eyes to be encased in glass and then added to the bust of his likeness on his grave.  Others say the eyes are simply glass and made to resemble his own eyes.  Either way, the head of this statue is supposed to have been seen actually moving to watch those who wander too close to it.  We didn't see that when we found it, but it is creepy.


Another story is told about this Gothic mausoleum.  It is the Dexter Mausoleum, build for a Whiskey Baron.  Some say it is guarded by two white dogs.  If you sit on the bottom steps, two white dogs are supposed to come by and check you out.  Some say they even growl at you.  No such luck for us.  But it was very beautiful!

Monday, November 19, 2012

The Second Largest Cemetery In The United States--Spring Grove Cemetery in Cincinnati, Ohio

Spring Grove Cemetery in Cincinnati was one of the most beautiful  cemeteries I have ever been in.  It is a world all its own.  It is also the second largest cemetery in the United States.  We were there for two hours and didn't see a fourth of what this cemetery had to offer.  I did take some pics and these are some of my favorites. 

Everyone on the crew decided they wanted to come back to this place and spend some more time.  I have two more stories about the cemetery, each one their own, that will be coming out this week. 

If you are someone who like walking through cemeteries just to read the stones, then Spring Grove is the place for you.  I was enchanted at this peaceful, almost story book place.  It is worth a moment of your time.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

We Have a Book Coming Out Next Year!!

We have a book coming out next year, which has been a long time coming.  It was a lot of work, but everything is coming together nicely with it.  I hope to have it out by late spring.  Ghostly Tales and Legends of Columbiana County is headed your way soon.  :) 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Few Of Our Moments At Sedamsville Rectory

Pictured above from the stairs around:
David, Jack, Kar, Lance, Jon, Sammi, Amber, Dani
Brooke, Kim, Lindsey, and Lisa
 Thirteen of us went to Sedamsville Rectory in Cincinati, Ohio.  Our Newbie Crew member, Dani, went in September with another group, and convinced us that it would be worth our time to visit this old building for an investigation.  We watched the Ghost Adventures Sedamsville Episode and knew we had to go. 
We have no idea who this is. It watches over the King Size bed one
of the upstairs bedrooms.

Once a living quarters for the priests of the catholic church beside the rectory and also teachers for the catholic school right below it, the inside is beautiful.  It is currently being renovated and they are doing a good job.

We went looking for possible Demons or even a Pukwudgie, but didn't find either.  We did have interesting things happen, including one of our crew getting scratched.  That is a different story, coming tomorrow. 

We had only been in the rectory about a half an hour when I saw something in the Parlor.  It was beside the chair in the corner on the left side.  I don't know what it was, but it was about two feet tall. moved behind the chair and then vanished.  Jack and I moved the chair but there was nothing there. 

The building seemed to be most active within the first hour we were there, and then in the morning hours we got several excellent EVP. 

The walls of this building are one foot thick.  It was actually colder inside the building than it was outside. Yes, we froze. 
 The reputation of this building proceeded it 
We expected way more than we got.  Perhaps even our preconcieved notions had us thinking it would be more frightening than we thought.
 There is more to come about this house as we go over the evidence.  


Monday, November 12, 2012

Twin City Opera House IS a Future Investigation For G12P

Our last stop on this past weekend of Ghost Hunting for G12P was the Twin City Opera House in McConnelsville, Ohio.  What a huge building!  And inside was stunning! 

It is now a movie theater, but once upon a time it was used for plays.  Haunted by things like a formless black mass in the basement, to the ghost of a man murdered in the theater itself. 

Our guide, Shawn,  took us to several places in the opera house and shared his knowledge of the history of the building.  There are areas we didn't see, but the stage and beneath it was open for us to look around.

 For FREE, we took advantage of their greatly appreciated generosity.  All thirteen of us were given the tour and we even did a few EVP's while in there!  Yes, we got something!  At least two "Help Me" and one "Keep climbing"....
By the time we left, we decided this was going to be our next over night excursion!  Only a two hour drive away, we are excited to tackle this large building! Right now we are looking at March, but nothing certain yet.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

G12P Bigfoot Has Been Around Since 2009

G12P has been Bigfoot hunting as a crew since 2009, when we did our first Bigfoot search in the Beaver Creek Area.  It took several months of research to come up with our first search area because we had to find everything from scratch, so to speak.  Looking through old news paper articles, books, looking up things on the Internet and then pulling it all together took some time.  We have steadily grown since then, including attending the Bigfoot Conference in Cambridge, Ohio this past April.
We have a couple videos on YouTube we have put out there:       
 Hunting Bigfoot With G12P                        
Amber Rogers is our Lead for Bigfoot Investigation.  She has been interested in Bigfoot since she was a teenager.  She has read books and works a lot in the field.  She has also had several sightings of the creature in the woods above her home near Wellsville.  Her interest has fueled the crews interest as a whole!
While we all love to ghost hunt, it is far more exciting to go out on a Bigfoot expedition for most of us.  It is something we will keep right on doing.  Look for us out there even more in the field and at public events with Bigfoot as our main topic!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Our Bigfoot Video-Is This The Sound Of A Bigfoot?

On October 12, G12P went on a private investigation, looking for the ghost of a man who, many years ago, was reported to have slaughtered his family and buried them in his garden.  The owners of this property where it was supposed to happen say when the moved in, about 20 years ago, bones were dug up in their garden that turned out to be human. 
The woods were deep that we entered.  The further back we went, the darker it got.  We had plenty of flashlights, but it was eerie.  The form of a dark figure crossed our path .  Here is a video of what we did that night and what we captured.  Our investigation turned into a hunt for Bigfoot.  We captured an audio recording of it's call. 

Let me know what you think!  As of this date we have over 22,000 hits on this video, our biggest ever.   ghosting12@yahoo.com

Sunday, November 4, 2012

G12P's Sedamsville Rectory Adventure Is Less Than A Week Away

Minus our kids, we are headed to Sedamsville Rectory this weekend.  We leave Nov 9. This is one of the longest trips we will have taken to do an investigation.  True, we are paying to do it, but I think it will be worth it.  We are spending the weekend down in the Cincinati area, planning on visiting places like Spring Grove Cemetery and Bobby Mackeys.
We are looking for the possibility of either Demons or Pukwudgies.  Either way, I hope we find something.  If we don't,I am still getting to visit an area I have never been to.  If you have any information on these places you would like to share with us, please email me at ghosting12@yahoo.com
We are filming a documentary about our adventure the whole weekend.  We are also doing live Spreaker broadcasts while down there.  I know for sure we will be on air at midnight November 9 from Sedamsville Rectory, and another one at 3am.  We are also planning one from Spring Grove and Bobby Mackey Parking lot. We may even investigate our motel rooms.  lol
I will have a better schedule up for our adventure later this week, if I can.

G12P's Halloween Party Was Awesome!

Dave made a handsome Pirate!
 We had our Annual End of Season Halloween Party last night and it was a blast!  We usually do this the first weekend of November, after all our tours, investigations, and lectures are done. Of course, our investigations never end, but we are really busy in October, more than any other month of the year.
 It is also our annal awards night.  We have awards we give out every year in several categories.  This year we added 5 new ones which we plan on keeping.  The Scooby Award, which is the person who does anything for food.  Brooke was our winner in that category this year.  The Shaggy Award goes to the person who continues to ghost hunt even though it can get pretty scary.  That went to Lance.  The Velma Award goes to the smartest crew member, and that went to me this year.  The Freddie Award goes to the person who is the best dressed on the crew.  We had a tie for that.  Dave and Sammi both took that award.

The last one is the Danger Prone Daphne Award and that was also a tie.  It went to Pam and Sammi.  Brooke and Lance got Cutest ghost hunting couple also.  WE had 29 categories this year .  

It was also Trick or Treat for our area last night and we took our kids out trick or treating.  We went to Meadowbrooke Circle, a place I have been going to since I was a kid.

This is something the whole crew looks forward to every year.  Recognition for their hard work and a good time as well.  We encourage this idea to other crews to help them keep it together.  Doing fun things like this as a crew is really helpful, secures your friendship and trust in each other, and makes all the hard work you do more worthwhile, knowing it will be recognized!  Amber won our Best Costume Contest, by the way.