Wednesday, November 7, 2012

G12P Bigfoot Has Been Around Since 2009

G12P has been Bigfoot hunting as a crew since 2009, when we did our first Bigfoot search in the Beaver Creek Area.  It took several months of research to come up with our first search area because we had to find everything from scratch, so to speak.  Looking through old news paper articles, books, looking up things on the Internet and then pulling it all together took some time.  We have steadily grown since then, including attending the Bigfoot Conference in Cambridge, Ohio this past April.
We have a couple videos on YouTube we have put out there:       
 Hunting Bigfoot With G12P                        
Amber Rogers is our Lead for Bigfoot Investigation.  She has been interested in Bigfoot since she was a teenager.  She has read books and works a lot in the field.  She has also had several sightings of the creature in the woods above her home near Wellsville.  Her interest has fueled the crews interest as a whole!
While we all love to ghost hunt, it is far more exciting to go out on a Bigfoot expedition for most of us.  It is something we will keep right on doing.  Look for us out there even more in the field and at public events with Bigfoot as our main topic!

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