Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ghostly Tales From Spring Grove Cemetery In Cincinnati

 Over 200,000 people are buried in Spring Grove Cemetery in Cincinnati. So many people, you would think there would be several ghost stories about the place. So far, I have only found two.  This first one is about an Optometrist named Charles C. Breuer.  It is told that he wanted his real eyes to be encased in glass and then added to the bust of his likeness on his grave.  Others say the eyes are simply glass and made to resemble his own eyes.  Either way, the head of this statue is supposed to have been seen actually moving to watch those who wander too close to it.  We didn't see that when we found it, but it is creepy.


Another story is told about this Gothic mausoleum.  It is the Dexter Mausoleum, build for a Whiskey Baron.  Some say it is guarded by two white dogs.  If you sit on the bottom steps, two white dogs are supposed to come by and check you out.  Some say they even growl at you.  No such luck for us.  But it was very beautiful!

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