Monday, December 31, 2012


 We will have several Ghost Walks at Thompson Park in 2013.  While I am starting a tour business, Thompson Park and several other tours we do in this county will always be free. 
These pics were taken on Oct 19, 2012.  We had a great time and encountered the ghost at Pavilion 1 that night.  Over 40 people came. 

Our first tour at Thompson Park will be  March 9 at 7pm.  Be sure to bring a camera, digital recorder, and a flashlight.  If you don't know how to ghost hunt, by the end of the night, you will have a good idea.  We hope to see you there!!

An Injustice to History in Calcutta

 Along Rt 170 in Calcutta there sat this awesome old house that was one of the few remaining parts of this little towns history.  It was once a part of the old Calcutta, where Main Street was the corner of Sprucevale Rd. and Calcutta Smithferry.  I didn't know what kind of plans they had for this old house, but I certainly didn't know they were going to do this:
On the last week of September it was knocked down and to this day, sits in an undignified pile.  I heard this house was full of love and happy memories. Knocking it down and leaving it an eyesore and mess was not what I thought was in its future. 

What looked better to you?  I think this is awful and whoever did it should be ashamed.  Especially since they never even bothered to clean it up.  :( 

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Bigfoot Hunts Bigger for G12P in 2013

We had a good year in our Bigfoot adventures.  Exploring the county for ghosts and Bigfoot kept us busy.  The Bigfoot adventures have been the most exciting.  We got involved enough in this to get a trail camera.
Jon checking our trail camera.
 In 2013 we are buying 2 more cameras along with a couple more advanced cameras.  We are shopping around for those at this time, but hope to have them by April 1. 
Passing one of our trail cameras on a fall Bigfoot hunt.
In the mean time we will be out there researching the county, not just for ghostly activity, but for Bigfoot activity also.  
We are interested in any Bigfoot sightings particular to Columbiana County.  If you have heard of any or even had an experience yourself, please let us know at

 I like the Bigfoot adventures because I often combine the two, ghosting and Bigfooting.  In September we went on an overnight hike along Beaver Creek and visited a little known Canal of the Sandy Beaver Canal system, #53.  It was beautiful and unforgettable. 
We have at least two more overnight hikes planned for2013 along with extensive work along the Sandy and Beaver Canal System.    With the experience we had on Oct 12 where we may have caught the vocalization of a Bigfoot, we are doubling our efforts in this field. Once you have heard it, seen it, experienced it, you are hooked.  As is Ghosting 12 Paranormal.  :)

Ghosting 12 Paranormal Haunted and Historical Tours

A few members of G12P:  (left to right) Kar, Amber, Lindsey, Kimberly(me), and Jon.
 Paranormal activity of any kind is such a mystery.  We struggle to understand it and discover more about it.  For some it is about being famous because there is such an interest in the field.  For others it is about the actual science of it.  I think the trick is being able to bring both together.  I say that because there is no money to be made ghost hunting. You don't charge anyone to investigate their home, for example.  It is and will always be done for free, at least for G12P.  Yet you have to have some way to buy your equipment and also have time to study the information you are getting.  If you have to have a job to buy your equipment, you are also scheduling your investigations around your job as well.  Ghost Hunting for the most part is a hobby because of that.  Couple that with the reluctance we as ghost hunters experience in sharing what little information we do get, and the paranormal will remain paranormal.  For me, it is more the science.  I actually study the information I get, and I have my own theories. The more I learn, the more my theories have changed, as I have proved or disproved different things, for myself. 
I have been working for nearly 5 years now to come up with a way to make ghost hunting my job.  I want to be able to ghost hunt and make a living at it.  I am nearly there.  Besides working on two books, going to school (studying business administration), and working hard to help my community, which I love, I am about to start my own business.  G12P Haunted and Historical Tours.  I am starting with my own beloved Columbiana County.  This county is full of ghostly tales and adventure.  I am excited to SHOW everyone the things that this quiet little county has to offer.  I am working toward getting my own tour bus (or two or three!!).  It is so exciting to know I am going to make ghost hunting my job.
Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”
Confucius( )
And so it is for me.  Something is out there. Ghosting 12 Paranormal Haunted and Historical Tours can take YOU to find it.
More information on this new venture will be available in the coming months.  Please stay tuned!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Leetonia's Cherry Valley Coke Ovens-Lots In Store For The Future

Leetonia has lots of plans for their Cherry Valley Coke Ovens in the coming year.  They currently have a twitter page,   and will soon have a facebook page as well.  When I hear more about their plans, I will be sure to let you all know.  Be sure to check out their Twitter page and follow them to keep updated on their future plans!!! 

Images From Our 2012 Gretchens Lock Christmas Eve Investigation

We went one night early this year for our Christmas Eve investigation.  Instead of going on the actual Christmas Eve at midnight, which is actually 12am Dec. 25, we went at 12am Dec. 24.  Still no writing on the wall, but we did get some interesting EVP and Ghost Box Session results. 

We were there for about an hour and we froze our butts off.  Dave, Lisa, Amber, Lindsey, and myself were on the crew for the evening.   No Esther Hale or even Gretchen for us for the evening.  We did get an EVP that claimed to be Tommy (possibly of the Lucy Cobb story?)

The Grist Mill was flooded so we could not go inside.  Bummer.  We haunted the door way and all around it,  however.

The Laser Grid was pretty awesome.   We left it for over half an hour, but saw nothing in the grid.  Very Bummer.

Our breath in pics was also a problem, but made for some cool pics.  In case you are not aware of what we are investigating, supposedly on Christmas Eve, at midnight, you are supposed to be able to see the word "COME" written on the wall.  It is said to be the last thing Esther Hale did before she committed suicide was to write that word on the wall.  Now, every year on Christmas Eve, that word is supposed to appear on the walls of the Grist Mill.  We have not seen it yet. 
Well, maybe next year, and G12P will be there once more to see it.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Exploring Jaycees Haunted House Behind the Scenes

One of the coolest things we did in 2012 was tour the 2012 East Liverpool Jaycees Haunted House.  Held in the old Elks Building on 5th Street, we were invited to tour the mayhem before it began! 

 Jaycees is one of those organizations that a town just can't do without.  The East Liverpool Jaycees handles so many things for the area, they are an essential part of the community.  You see them at places like the Pottery Festival, the annual Christmas Parade, Special Olympics, and many other aspects of the East Liverpool Community.  We appreciate the hard work they do and will always  be some of their biggest fans! 
 While I love haunted houses, the chance to walk through this awesome old building was like an opportunity I truly appreciate to this day!  I can't say ghosts walk the halls here, but memories certainly do. 
 I did a story about the old coffin they use and how it actually had dozens of dead bodies in it, as it was used for showings for those who were going to be cremated. 
Several of my crew took the chance to try out the old coffin, though they didn't know it had ever been used.....
 Jack was mildly surprised, but nothing ghostly shakes him, so he was fine with it.
Now you may ask if we investigated the building.  Well, that is a video for another time.  :)

Shadows of East Liverpool History on River Road

 There is a lot of history that sits on  River Road in East Liverpool.  Old Potteries, gas stations, and other ghosts of memories leave you wondering what it looked like down there once upon a time.
An old gas station sits along the road, the old gas pumps either laying on the ground or up against the building. 

On this gas pump, the price is .80 per gallon.  I barely remember gas prices like that. 

Another one said $1.40 per gallon. 

There are old buildings that, over the years have been used for many different businesses.  One of them belongs to the original C.C. Thompson Pottery,but at this time, I am not sure which one.

I would love to investigate this building! I imagine it has some tales to tell! 

All beside the Jennings-Randolph bridge connecting Ohio to West Virginia.  Even this bridge has it's tragedies to tell. 

This is the back of one of the previous buildings shown.  It has some legible writing across the top.  ESTABLISHED 1877  COLONIAL POTTERS
There is other writing across the top, but I can't make it out. If you know anything about this building, its history, or who owns it (as I would love to have a peak inside this one, too), please let me know.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

G12P Member Scratched at Sedamsville

One of our Newbie crew members, Lance Smith, was scratched at Sedamsville, within the first hour we were there.  That  is one of the things we had heard happens at Sedamsville, so we were not surprised that someone had it happen to them.  As you can see, it is wide and about 8-9 inches long.  He also had a rash on him that burned. 

Lance is in the gray shirt beside Jack. He has a ball cap on. 
 According to Lance, he was fine until he started up the stairs to the attic.  That is when he said his back started burning.  One of our warnings before we started was if anyone experienced any burning or itching sensations, not to scratch it but to have someone look at it. 
Lance said he didn't fall, or brush up against anything.  It happened as we got our tour of the building. 
This is about three hours later.  It didn't hurt anymore and was almost gone.  The  rash is gone as well. 
We are still going over the 16 hours of evidence we gathered and will update our findings.  We are also working on a video.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

G12P Crew Changes

Drama on Ghost Hunting crews is never ending.  It is my personal belief that being around ghosts can have residual side affects that cause people to argue with each other, and that is crew members as well as family members.  This year we must have hit the mother load in ghosts because the drama on our crew was just crazy.  Some times it was absolutely ridiculous.
For example, we had two crew members quit recently because I changed the date we went to Sedamsville Rectory from Dec 7 to Nov 9.  Two people could not go that date, but the rest of the crew could, so we went on Nov 9.  I lost one of my long time crew members over that, which really surprised me.  
There were three people I let go.  While I will not get into the particulars about it, it had to do with crew drama for the most part and putting things on facebook that shouldn't have been there. 
Then there were several people who decided to take a break from ghost hunting earlier  in the year and I just never heard from them again.  Right now, G12P is down to about 13 people at this point. 
I am liking that number. Now, there are a couple of people that I have in mind for next year that I may ask to join the crew.  We will not be having any open enrollment ever again.  That just really backfired pretty bad for us in 2012. I learned some valuable lessons on that.   If you want to know who is still on the crew, check out our Crew List above.  Do know that we are still going strong and I still have most of the original people who have been with me from the beginning. People like Jon,
Amber, Brooke, and Sammi are still going strong with G12P. Then there are people like Jack, Dave, Lisa and Lance who are rocking the house!  We are not going anywhere. Just adjusting to a smaller number of  crew members....for now.  :)

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Ohio Valley College of Technology Is Accepting Donations for the Columbiana County Dog Pound!!

Please don't forget about the dogs at the Columbiana County Dog Pound this Holiday Season!  While they might not have a forever home yet, a donation from you would get them a treat, maybe a nice warm blanket, or a toy! Or maybe even all of the above! 

They don't have a whole lot of donations yet, so please consider going to Ohio Valley College of Technology on Rt 170 in Calcutta and leaving a donation for the pound!  Dog food, treats, chew toys, blankets, towels, anything that will make this holiday a little brighter for our homeless canine friends would be appreciated. 

I know there are a lot of worthy causes out there this time of year, but please keep the Columbiana County Dog Pound in mind as you decide who you want to give to this year.
G12P will be making our donation this Friday and I will be sure to let you know what all we were able to gather for them! 

Monday, December 10, 2012

Adventures in the East Liverpool Christmas Parade 2012

This year we used a van instead of having a float.  There are several advantages to that.  The kids rode in the back and were safe and dry.  We had Christmas Lights all over the van to light up the night!  It took far less time decorating.  It also took far less time undecorating it. 

 We also had some of our beloved pets in the parade with us.  This is Duke, Dave's dog.  He is a great dog that loves people and other dogs.  Amber, Brooke, and Sammi all brought their dogs as well in their Christmas finery.  It was a great idea because people loved them all.  Duke got more pets than he has had in his whole life, all in one night!
Since we had the van (Thank you Anna Marie for letting us use your van!) we only need about 7 of us to do the parade.  That was great and time saving also!

 I had Duke with me. We gave out over 2000 lolly pops, some with our web site on them.  It was a good evening for  us!
Lisa drove and Anna Marie rode along also! 

Thank you to Jon, Dave, Sammi, Lisa, Anna, Amber, Brooke, Tyme, Masion, Madison, Duke, Jake, Cooky, Fluffy,  and Herman for representing us for the Christmas parade.  And that ends our events for 2012.  See you all out there in 2013!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

More G12P 2012

 One of our first events for 2012 was a lecture at Ohio Valley College of Technology about ghost hunting. 
 We had a tour of the East Liverpool City Hall,
 and the museum they have in the jail portion of the building, which is no longer used for the bad guys.
 We set up at Calctutta for their Memorial Day events, too!  Awesomely fun day!
 This is from May, when we set up at Wildwood Acres out near West Point for their opening day.  It was a great time!
 This is Cooky, our little mascot.  You see him from time to time at our events.
One of our many midnight runs, this one at the Dogwood trail at Beaver Creek State Park.  Want to talk about a creepy place?  The Dogwood Trail at night is just that.