Monday, December 10, 2012

Adventures in the East Liverpool Christmas Parade 2012

This year we used a van instead of having a float.  There are several advantages to that.  The kids rode in the back and were safe and dry.  We had Christmas Lights all over the van to light up the night!  It took far less time decorating.  It also took far less time undecorating it. 

 We also had some of our beloved pets in the parade with us.  This is Duke, Dave's dog.  He is a great dog that loves people and other dogs.  Amber, Brooke, and Sammi all brought their dogs as well in their Christmas finery.  It was a great idea because people loved them all.  Duke got more pets than he has had in his whole life, all in one night!
Since we had the van (Thank you Anna Marie for letting us use your van!) we only need about 7 of us to do the parade.  That was great and time saving also!

 I had Duke with me. We gave out over 2000 lolly pops, some with our web site on them.  It was a good evening for  us!
Lisa drove and Anna Marie rode along also! 

Thank you to Jon, Dave, Sammi, Lisa, Anna, Amber, Brooke, Tyme, Masion, Madison, Duke, Jake, Cooky, Fluffy,  and Herman for representing us for the Christmas parade.  And that ends our events for 2012.  See you all out there in 2013!

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