Monday, December 31, 2012

An Injustice to History in Calcutta

 Along Rt 170 in Calcutta there sat this awesome old house that was one of the few remaining parts of this little towns history.  It was once a part of the old Calcutta, where Main Street was the corner of Sprucevale Rd. and Calcutta Smithferry.  I didn't know what kind of plans they had for this old house, but I certainly didn't know they were going to do this:
On the last week of September it was knocked down and to this day, sits in an undignified pile.  I heard this house was full of love and happy memories. Knocking it down and leaving it an eyesore and mess was not what I thought was in its future. 

What looked better to you?  I think this is awful and whoever did it should be ashamed.  Especially since they never even bothered to clean it up.  :( 

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