Monday, January 2, 2012

Common Phrases For EVP

We have not investigated this house.  It sits in East Liverpool
on Fenton Street, off of 9th Street.  It looks spooky
but very unsafe. 
 When you do a lot of Paranormal Investigations you can start to analyze your data more closely.  We don't just do private investigations.  We also investigate ANYWHERE WE CAN.  Public parks are a good place to practice.  For us we have the whole  Beaver Creek area, which had several towns along it's banks thanks to the Sandy and Beaver Canal.  The more EVP sessions you do, the greater your chances of catching EVP. 
One thing we are noticing is the same phrases are being said  more and more often.  I have written about this before.  There is one phrase in particular that I would like to talk about.  It is said more often than the others.
This phrase is a mystery to me.  The phrase with the most hits after that is "Help me."  My first question is "Let you out from where?"   Where are they that they are trapped?  We get this phrase at Gretchen's Lock a lot in the Grist Mill.  But we are also getting it in Private Investigations now as well.  Who or what wants out of where? 
Of course there are some theories about it to consider.  For the religious minded, is it someone trapped in Hell and begging for release?  Or worse still, is a demon trying to get someone to release it?  I am not sure how someone could do that of course, but right now I am just throwing ideas out there.
Some say that not everyone crosses over right away and then they get lost.  Is it someone like that that can't find their way to cross over?  Another theory suggests that for some, after death, there is a dark place that they must go to think about the mistakes they made in their lives, reliving these mistakes until they understand what they did wrong.  This can take days, weeks, months or even years before they can finally cross over.  Some might call that purgatory. 
"Let me out"  is being said three times as much as any other repetitive phrases we are getting (GET OUT;  I'M BEHIND YOU;  THIS IS MY HOUSE are some examples of others we have gotten)  For me, in fact, it is the one that disturbs me the most.  Any ideas or suggestions?  Leave a comment or email me!