Saturday, January 7, 2012


 We went on a Midnight Run tonight, our first for the year.  The bright moonlight was well worth our time spent outside  freezing our butts off, which we did tonight.  WE are continuing our investigation into the Thomas Malone Covered Bridge.  One of our crew members reported capturing an EVP that claimed Satan was on this bridge.  We still have not gotten any proof that is true.  I am inclined to say the area is haunted however, as we get awesome EVP down here!  
My crew  for the evening was Amber, Lisa, Brooke, and Mike.  We visited the Bridge first and then walked around the park, making our way to the Williams House.

This little bridge area also has some interesting activity around it.  Plus the bridge was so cold our feet stuck to it.   
Does it look to you like a spectre looking down
 at the girls on the bridge?
 The shape in the mist on the left looks like a dark spectre looking down at them.  We did not do any EVP at this bridge, but I didn't see this picture either.  Next time wel will for sure.
I love this old Mill.  Gaston's Mill has an awesome museum like quality to it and holds one of my all time favorite Columbiana County stories.  General John Hunt Morgan has his tale told inside beside the tree trunk that he surrendered under near West Point.
The Williams House is very haunted and I don't care who wants to argue about it!   We have heard footsteps inside as we sat on the porch.  We have also gotten knocks as we have asked for them.  One knock for yes and two for no. 
 We will continue to investigate this large area as it always gives us good reason to come back!!