Friday, January 27, 2012

Telling Tales At Shining Reflections

 We shared some of our ghostly legends and tales at Shining Reflections today and had a wonderful time.  When it comes to ghost stories I can be long winded and today was no exception. I talked about Charles Arthur "Pretty Boy" Floyd, The Diamond House, The Roving Sentinel, Julia Walls , the Unknown Carnival Girl, Alice Lyons, Hells Half Acre, The Miller Brothers, and several others. 

In this picture, Will is telling the story of Jake the Night Watchman.  He also talked about the Inferred Temperature gun and how we use it to hunt ghosts.
Briana talked about Sadie Barcus, and Lucy Cobb, the Mushroom Lady.
 Amber filled everyone in on what we know about Bigfoot!   That is a newer topic for us but we have a lot of plans for Hunting Bigfoot this summer!  Amber also recounted the Legends of Gretchen Gill, Esther Hale, and the Bowman cemetery Witch. 
 Will set up one of our cameras in the basement to show everyone how our video system works.  As always, he did an awesome job!
Briana told several stories about the area and showed people how to use some of our equipment.  Multitasking is her thing! 
Thank you Shining Reflections for having us!  We enjoyed the time there and hope we can go back and visit again.