Thursday, February 2, 2012

Feb 18 Event at the Ohio Valley College of Technology

Here is OVCT, in Calcutta, Ohio. I am actually attending school here, majoring in Business Administration.  I met this truly awesome lady named Donna and she has a great love for our 4 legged friends and family members.  She organized a Christmas Donation for The Columbiana County Dog Pound and it was a huge success.  I thought it was awesome so I asked her if G12P could ever help in any way to let us know.  She loved the idea.  We are now doing a speaking engagement on Feb 18 at 1pm at the school.  Our topic will be Ghost Hunting 101, a subject near and dear to my heart! 

What are ghosts.  Why do they haunt some places and not others?  What equipment should you use and where can you get it?  What is an EVP?  What do you look for in Pictures?  All these questions will be covered and more on Feb 18.  It is free to get in, but we are asking for donations for the local Animal Shelters.  The Columbiana County Dog Pound, Angels For Animals, and The Columbiana County Humane Society will benefit from the donations we hope to receive. For more information, please call 330-385-1070 and ask for the AWESOME Donna!  Remember, seating is limited so get signed up ASAP!