Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Cool Investigation in a House Built in 1900

 We investigated a house last night that was built in the year 1900.  While I won't talk about the particulars, there were some aspects that really stood out and I just have to put on here!
This old rocking chair was in the basement, for example. It was a lot creepy. Old and dusty, I figured it was at least 50 years old. When I first saw it the movie Blair Witch Project popped into my mind. Kind of gave me a sick feeling. Despite all our efforts in this part of the house, though, we didn't get anything.
There were 5 of us that went.  Here you see Pam and Debbie! 
There was a little house behind the main house that no one used.  It creeped everyone out and had the remnants of tools and an old Baywatch Poster on the floor.  We got some interesting EVP in here, but Pamela has seen some better days.

Then, also in the basement, we found these chairs.  They took me back to yet another movie. 
Poltergeist!  Remember in the kitchen at the beginning, when the chairs are piled onto the table?  Yep, I was there!
Jack also went with us.  He is doing awesome and he had his own crew last night.  He had previous experience when he came to us and it shows!  Good work Jack!
And then Will was also with us.  Our lead Tech was as useful as ever, bringing along his Galaxy Tablet  We played around with Ghost Radar all night. 
It was a great investigation that, so far, has had some interesting results. We can't wait to go back for the reveal! The little house is getting some more work from us, for sure!