Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Our Continued Investigation of The Pioneer Village~Beaver Creek State Park

Brooke and Sammi
We went to the Pioneer Village last night for a midnight run.  It was super cold out, but we had a good time. 
 We started out on the Thomas Malone Covered Bridge.  It is rumored to have a ghost attatched to it that does not like the living.  We can say we feel it is a haunted bridge.  We have gotten some interesting EVP and had some some scary things happen while on it.  We fully intend to continue our
Lisa!   Dressed for the cold!
investigations into the area.  We usually do one EVP session and one Ghost Box session to each place we investigate.  This bridge never disappoints. 

Sammi and Pam
We have a lot of fun during these sessions, though everyone takes the very seriously.  Don't be afraid to try different things out in the field to get a reaction.  Laughing and having a good time can sometimes help to  bring a spirit out. 
Amber, Lisa, Brooke, Sammi, and Will!
We also ask some controversial questions sometimes.  Pam asked if the spirit felt it was superior to women, for example.  We also ask other questions we think might get some tempers flared in an effort to communicate.  Sometimes that works very well.
My crew on the bridge in front of Lock 36.
Pictured is Kar, Brooke, Amber, Lisa, Sammi, Pam, and Will.

We ventured onto the old Steel Truss bridge.  I think we can safely say this bridge is not haunted in any way. It was built in 1910.  I can not say the same about the area across the bridge. This bridge used  to be red by the way,  until this past summer, when it was repainted.   According to Lisa, our crew sensative, there is something across the bridge.  It wants to cross the creek, but can't.  I am curious.
G12P Meets at Sheetz!  Their coffee is awesome!
 We look forward to our next adventure in this area and the Sheetz Coffee.