Friday, February 10, 2012

Columbiana County Legends~Three New Characters For 2012

We have a nice list of characters we use for our Legends tour.  Esther Hale (pictured above and played by Brooke McKinley and Abbie Menough).  Sami, our ghost hunting cheerleader, plays Gretchen Gill.  Will Hilditch plays Jake the Night Watchman, and we have several others, totalling 21 characters.  This year we are adding three new characters to our list.  Alabama Joe Miller, the King of the Bootleggers of this area in the 1920's.  Billy "the Killer" Miller, Joe's brother, and Jennie Eckert, the bar owner at the infamous Hells Half Acre.  These characters will be developed over the next few months with videos so you can become familiar with their awesome and sometimes dark stories.