Saturday, February 18, 2012


Pictured  here is Lead Investigator Jonathan!
We had an awesome time  at Ohio Valley College of Technology today.  There was over 40 people in attendence.  We talked about ghost hunting, equipment, theories, a few legends, and discussed evidence.  It lasted about 2 hours.  I do not know yet how much money was made but there were a lot of money donations.  All proceeds went to the Columbiana County Dog Pound.  Thank you so much to everyone who came!  Everyone was awesome! We will be there again on March 10!  Please come and see us!

Investigating George F. Thompson Cemetery

Our Feb 16 midnight run took us to my ghost hunting origins. Of course we had to wait until our Murphy's Law day was done. We had one hold up afer another. And while I had 7 people ready and able to hunt for ghosts, by the time we were free to do so, most had to go home.

Amber is always looking for ways to broaden her Bigfoot experience.
Here she is examining some large footprints in the snow. While this person
may have had some big feet, the melting snow definitely enlarged
them considerably.
We decided to go to where my ghost hunting origins began. George F. Thompson Cemetery. I know you are asking "Where is that? I have never heard of it in this area!" Well I named it that. It is a solitary grave beside a farmers field. Despite several years of research, I am no closer to finding a list of names for this once graveyard than I was when I started. I did learn that George was a twin. His brother's name was John. I actually talked to his youngest brother, Oscar, who was 84 at the time. He told me that George was buried in Calcutta Cemetery, the same cemetery as his Grandfather, who was also named George. He did not believe me when I told him the cemetery was gone and that George's marker was the only one to remain. I have been up here dozens of times ghost hunting.
You can just make out George's grave marker. It is surrounded by
poison ivy now. He was born in 1913 and died in 1941. I can't even
find him in the cemetery index books at the library.
There is a shadow person that inhabits these woods. I, myself, have seen it twice. Sometimes the spirits up here are friendly. In years past they have told us things like one is a teacher. Another had running water. Still another witnessed a hanging. One is a little boy named Jeremy. There was also a seemingly crazy guy with the last name of Campher who lived in trailer up there for years. He was not a nice person. He is also not a nice ghost.
Later, we changed locations to another favorite place near my home that I like to go. While I will not mention it for now, it is on Carroll Road. I took this picture, which looks like a man in a cloak is staring at us from the dark woods. There is a street light behind the trees and it cast an eerie light through the trees.
It was a good night really. Even though we didn't get much ghosting done, we hung out as a crew. That is always good to do. Of course, I do have the most awesome crew in the county. Maybe even the state. :)

Pictured is Sammi, Amber, Will, Jon, Tyme
Kar, Jack, and Pam.