Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ghosts in the Woods Around Lock 57

In the woods near Lock 57, we stopped to do an EVP at
an old foundation.  This is probably my breath, but it is an
awesome picture!
We have been to the Lock 57 many times.  The area around the creek has its phantoms, of that I am certain,  but on Feb 20 we went into the woods. 

We have been researching the area and found that once upon a time there was a trolley line that went through the area, to a place up the creek called Island Run.  Yes, I have been up in that area, looking for signs of it, but so far have found none.  Also, from what I understand, Pennsylvania Avenue once extended to Calcutta Smithferry Road.  That is also something we are continuing to research. 
The large foundation to the right shows signs of being burned. There are telltale signs of habitation that included broken toys and old Clorox bottles laying around.   Here, the crew piles inside for another great picture.

We walked back in the woods, which my crew sometimes thinks I am nuts about. 

We were only in the woods for about 30 minutes, but it was long enough to have the weird thing about the stones to happen.  We are definitely going back again, soon!