Saturday, February 25, 2012

A New Contest For G12P

This is the Columbiana County Dog Pound. As my previous story talked about, we are doing fundraisers for the pound this year.  Because we do a lot of events, we are also going to put up some type of donation Jar/Box for anyone who would like to leave a donation for the Columbiana County Dog Pound.  For this we decided to run a contest.  We are looking for awesome ideas on what we could do for a donation jar. 
Email me your ideas, along with your contact email or cell number.  In April we will review all the ideas.  The design that is chosen wins a G12P Hoodie (A $25 value)!  Also your name goes on the Jar/Box as the creator for everyone to see!
To recap, send your name, email or cell number and your idea to:
In April, my crew and I will judge all ideas sent in.  The one we choose wins a
G12P Hoodie~ 
Plus you get to help our County Dog Pound find forever homes for our 4 legged  best friends!

The Columbiana County Dog Pound-A Worthy Cause

You will see G12P doing a lot of fundraising this year for our local Dog Pound.  They desperately need help and we are glad to try to give them a hand.  They have so many dogs there right now waiting for someone to come and rescue them!  If you are thinking about adding a new member to your family, please consider checking the pound to see if your new loved one might be there!
 This guy watched the road behind us and I couldn't help but think he was waiting for his human to come and save him.  He was thin and kept his tail down.  He was sad.  My heart was twisting.
And this guy just watched us so longingly,  if I didn't already have several dogs of my own, he would have been going home with me.  They need someone to save them.
The pound needs several things.  Bleach.  Old towels.  Kitty Litter.  Any kinds of canned food or dry food.  Brooms and dust  pans.  And of course, any monetary donations are also desperately needed.  I heard a story of a dog that the police found by the road last week.  His legs were broken and no one stopped to help him. REALLY?  But the police did and they took him to the pound.  I don't know what happened to him past that. I hope he is getting better!  Thanks to our police guys for rescuing him.  While you may think it is just their job, I think they are awesome for it!  It is what Good Guys do!
So, if you see us out there this summer, please look for the Columbiana County Dog Pound Donation Jar we are making to leave a donation in.  We are tossing around ideas on what to make for this and will post about it when we decide!