Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Path Through Hells Half Acre-Pennsylvania Avenue Extention

East Liverpool has some of the richest history I know and discovering it is an awesome adventure. This is the end of Pennsylvania Avenue Extension.  It was closed off years ago, but at one time extended over to Calcutta Smithferry Road.  There are several foundations of homes up in these woods, that until recently, were a mystery to me.  I did not know about this road.  Jack and I went out on Feb 24 to see what we could find of this old road and were not disappointed. 

There are two large rocks that block the road, long unused.  What lays beyond this is a story I have been working on for several months.  While I am not finished finding the details, the story of these woods is about as movie worthy as it gets.  And it is all a part of East Liverpool History!  Sadly, this history has been nearly erased, seemingly on purpose. While Hells Half Acre, also known as "The Bucket Of Blood" was a stain for years for East Liverpool, today it is, in my opinion, a source of interest and a GREAT TOURISM POSSIBILITY. 

Pennsylvania Avenue Extension is opening up her own secrets as we research the area.  Abandoned buildings.  Murder.  Speak Easies.  Mystery, pure and simple.  And I love a good mystery.  So far, this one is turning out GREAT!