Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Exploring the Dogwood Trail at Beaver Creek State Park

Went exploring today on the Dogwood Trail at Beaver Creek State Park.  Jon and I took Masion, Madison, and Tyme on the trail and had an awesome time.   The trail is rocky in a few places, making it something of a challenge, especially for the short legged individuals.  But the scenery is breathtaking!

 Tyme is only two and yet he had a blast!  Sticks are just amazing to him.  You can throw them, hit trees with them, and use them as swords to play with daddy!
We found a huge hollow tree and of course had to climb inside.  Jon will go anywhere as long as he has his McDonalds coffee!

 Tyme taking a stick and hitting a tree.  He saw daddy doing it earlier and thought it was awesome! 
I am pretty sure the white trees along the creek are poplar trees.  They look like skeletons along the creek sometimes.  They are also some of the larger trees, as you can see in this picture. 

Here is cute little Madison showing you the map of the Dogwood trail.  We had a nice time walking along this little known attraction at Beaver Creek State Park. I will point out that is feels a little Squatchy back in there.  We will be checking it out in that capacity.  Soon.  :)