Thursday, March 1, 2012

Calcutta's History Emerging

This is the remains of an old Grist Mill from the Calcutta Area. What a treasure this is.  Calcutta has it's own mini Niagara Falls!  The whole wall is made of cut stone.  I felt like a kid at Christmas when I found this. I had looked twice before but didn't go far enough down the ravine. I am looking for more information about it.  

This is a bridge that leads into Calcutta Acres  off of Rt 170.  I have driven across this many times and never paid attention to it before.  Cut stone lines the road  on one side which is what caught my attention today. I know it is just a bridge, but it is a bridge that is part of Calcutta's history, and since there is so little of it that remains, that makes this one special. 
If you know anything about this bridge or the waterfall, please let me know!