Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Choosing The Right Paranormal Investigative Group

Jack at a private investigation earlier this year.
There are a lot of new crews out there talking about being paranormal investigators.  I think it is awesome there is such an interest in the field and look forward to it growing even larger! 
If  you find yourself looking for a crew to come in and do an investigation in your home,  there are some things to look for. 
 1. How much experience do they have? 
2. What kind of equipment do they have?
Amber doing her Bigfoot thing.
3.  Are they charging you?  If so, find someone else.  Any and all paranormal investigation should be free.  You can't charge for something you can not prove!
4. What kind of services do they offer?  Are they based on scientific study?  Do they use occult practices like dousing rods or spells?  Do they make use of psychics or sensatives?  
Kimberly at the East Liverpool City Hall Investigation!

Jon sporting new garb for G12P!
5. Are they professional?  Organized?
6. Google their group name and see what comes up. Often you can tell what kind of experience they have by what you find about them on the Internet.  Do they have newspaper articles about them?  What have they done in the community? 

Sammi with Kris Williams and Ami Bruni of TAPS!
7.  How many people do they want to bring to your home?  4 to 6 is the limit unless it is a large building.  And remember, it is always your choice how many people come to your home.  If you decide you only want 2 people, then that is all they should send, with no argument. 
You need to consider whether or not the crew is in it for the thrills or are they serious about paranormal study.   Check them out on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and any other web site they might be affiliated with.  Are they consistent? If their web site has not had any posts since October, you know they are not dedicated to real ghost hunting. 
Don't be afraid to ask around about them.  Ask for references if you can't find any public information about them. Prior clients are sometimes willing to give their opinion about what kind of job the group did for them. 
Remember, it is your home they are coming to.  You have the right  to ask questions and not stop until you get the answers that make you comfortable.    Chances are, if the team just started in 2011, for example, you are not going to get the experience necessary to really give you any answers. It takes time and practice to be able to catch a lot of EVP for example.  There are too many people out there who watched Ghost Hunters for several years and think they are now experts.  You want people with real experience in the field.  Not what they have seen on TV.  You have a right to know the names of people coming into your home as well.  Once you have them, Google them and see what comes up.  You might be surprised.   
Look at more than one group.  Some might appeal more to you than others. 
Ghosting 12 Paranormal has been a group since 2008.  My ghost hunting roots go back to 2003 and I have extensive experience out in the field, which I bring to every case I work on.  We volunteer in our community and often do fundraisers to help other groups and causes.  It is not just about the ghosts.  It is community, history, dedication, and teamwork to get the best answers.  Ghosting 12 Paranormal has all this and more.  Check us out.  Google our names.  You can see what we have done in the community and we will stand up to any test!

Our New G12P Look!

Here is our new logo for G12P Bigfoot!  This will be on all our shirts !  Look out Bigfoot!  G12P is looking for you!