Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Haunting Picture Of A Ghost Portrayed

We are on a roll this week. 
This is one of the pictures we used for the "Angel of Beaver Creek Video"  we did a few days ago.   Pictured are Madison, the cute little star of the video and Amber, her mommy. Amber is also one of my lead investigators and our lead for Bigfoot Hunting.  If you look above Madison's head you see what looks like a possible apparation.  We are excited, mainly because we didn't find this.  After we posted the video, someone who watched it pointed it out to us.  We are heading back out there tomorrow to have a look around the place.  The video we did is based on stories we have collected from  several people who have talked about seeing a strange little girl in the area.   Coupled with stories and local legends, we were able to determine this is the area in question and that is where we did our photo shoot.  We have investigated here several times and always only get "get out" on the EVP.  Just wondering if anyone else has had experiences in that area (the part across the bridge). If you have and want to share, email me: