Thursday, April 5, 2012

April 3 Midnight Run to Beaver Creek State Park-Looking For The Little Angel

 We had our first BIG Midnight Run this year on April 3.  There was about 20 people who came and our objective was to look for the Angel Of Beaver Creek.  We ended up splitting into two groups.  Half stayed where we got the possible apparition picture and the other half tackled Dogwood Trail. 
It was good to get out with everyone and do some hunting.  We did EVP sessions and Ghost Box sessions.  We also took over 600 pictures for the evening.  No apparition this time, though.

 We discovered that bugs are alive and well.  We captured a lot of moths in our pics which really glowed brightly. 
One of my favorite things about this part of the park is this awesomely huge tree! I suspect it to be over 100 years old. 
Everyone had a good time and I fully expect for us to do this again,very soon.

We were also joined by special guest, Dawn Marshall.  Thank you so much for hunting with us Dawn!  We fully expect you to visit us again very soon!

In the center of this picture, there is a gray cat.  There was also an orange cat down there.  They were together.  SOME ONE DUMPED THEM OUT.  That is about as cruel as it gets.  These cats would not let us touch them but they followed us all over the place.  We left them some food and plan an checking on them tonight during our next Midnight Run.  They are nice cats and deserved better.

This area is, in our opinion,very haunted.  One of our goals is to do an over night investigation here.  There is more than just a little girl here.  We hope to publish our findings soon.  If you have any stories about this area, please let me know!