Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Midnight in the Valley of Bridges

Our Midnight Run last night took us to this awesome little bridge in the middle of nowhere.  My crew was Laura (our Ghost Hunting School Teacher), Amber, Mike, Sammi(our Ghost Hunting Cheer Leader), and Brooke! 
We did several EVP sessions and 2 ghost Box Sessions while there.  Results were interesting. All of us heard a conversation going on between what sound like two men.  We couldn't find anyone down there but us. 
 There is also a train bridge we checked out in the area. 
After several attempts, we didn't get much on it. Okay, we got nothing on it.  Not a peep or a hiccup on the ghost box.  Laura told us there was a spot that had a possible Bigfoot sighting in this area, too.  With all the other Bigfoot groups popping up all of a sudden, it is nice to find a little known spot for future hunts. 
This was a new spot for us and while I can't say it is haunted at this time, it was worth our time to visit.  We will be going back.