Friday, April 13, 2012

Jakes Lock Walk-Weather Permitting

We are scheduled to do the Jake's Lock Walk tomorrow at 2pm, weather permitting.  It is supposed to storm, like a 60% chance, so we will see.  This is an awesome walk and I hope we get to do it. My crew and I have already checked the trails and other than some minor tweaks, we are good! 
This is Lock 42.  Big difference.   It is slowly caving in, year by year.

This is Jakes Lock, #39.   Very protected, if you ask me.
The story of Jake's Lock is a sad tale about a dedicated Night Watchman who did his job no matter what.  On a story night, he did his rounds, ensuring that all was well with the locks in his charge.  When he reached the Lock in question, he was struck by lightening as he held his metal lantern into the air to peer into the lock.  It is unknown if he was killed by the lightening or drown from his injuries.  Floating in the water of the Lock, he was found the next morning, dead.  He is said to haunt the lock he died in and protects it to this day.  Your camera equipment is supposed to stop working when he is around you and he has even been reported as a disembodied voice commanding those around his lock to leave.  Most believe this lock to be Lock 42, also known as Hambleton's Lock. But some of the history books cite Lock #39  as the Lock of his death.  Which one is more protected and in tact?  That's one for Lock #39!