Friday, May 18, 2012

Signs of the Past

We followed this little stream while on our camping trip last weekend, looking for the Sprucevale Pottery.  While we finally did find it (I think), we also found a lot of debree all along the creek as we followed it.  I wondered what it was used for.  There was no sign of buildings anywhere.  Just every so often we would find cut stone in the water.

DeeDee takes a rest on a huge chunk of cut stone near what we think might
have been the old pottery.
I don't know how old they are but I put them at early 1800's.   What building they came from is a mystery.  How they ended up in the water?  I don't know.  Why are there only one or two every so often.  Not sure about that either.  But they are there.  And they make me wonder.
Mostly for me I envision them being part of Sprucevale, the most haunted old town in Ohio!