Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Field Experience Is A Must For The Dedicated Ghost Hunter

Reading books can help a lot when you are learning about being a paranormal investigator.  It can give you the ins and outs of the paranormal and that is good.  BUT field experience is the most important thing you can do to really learn about ghost hunting.  You can get field experience anywhere.  Your home (though for some that is not comfortable.  I am in that category), the homes of relatives, barns, garages bridges, public parks, cemeteries (when you can get permission), and any public place you can think of to go (again, with permission if necessary).  You might think that investigating an old barn is silly, but that is where much of life took place 100 years ago.  Bridges might seem unlikely,but so many tales and legends revolve around bridges.  Why is that?  Investigating on your own might help you to answer those questions. 
Use things you already have at home to ghost hunt with.  Get creative.  In one investigation, everyone in our group lightly rubbed the carpet beside our recorders at varying distances from the recorders to supply white noise for any spirit to use.  We got some interesting EVP by doing that.  Don't be afraid to try things out.  You never know what you might discover.
 Do you always go by the results of someone Else's work?  For example, a ghost radar might seem like a silly app, but what if there is something to it.  What is you can use it along with a ghost box and get real results that suggest there is more to the ghost radar than many believe?  If you don't do your own debunking, listening to others will keep you from learning a lot.  Be brave.  Not just in putting yourself out there and looking for ghosts.  Identify your areas of interest and make your own theories.  Then set out to prove or disprove them.  Remember, right now there is no way to prove or disprove the existence of ghosts.  You can use that as a tool to study the paranormal and experiment with many different theories, tools, household appliances, you name it.  What works for some, might not work for others.  WE DON"T KNOW. 
If we all continue to go with what everyone else says, we will learn nothing.  G12P has several of our own theories that we work with and study.  People make fun of our ideas, but THEY ARE OUR OWN IDEAS THAT WE HAVE COME UP WITH FROM OUR EXPERIENCES OUT IN THE FIELD.   Our own actual work has proven to us things that are contrary to popular belief.  Are we right?  No one can say, but our field experience fuels our beleif that we are on to something.
And don't be so closed minded as to think that nothing is right unless you see it on TV or read it in a book.  THERE ARE NO EXPERTS IN THE PARANORMAL FIELD.  It is open to whoever can prove what they say.  And so far, no one can prove anything. 

Just remember, all great scientists started somewhere.  And they were all laughed at at first or ridiculed.  The great ones, like Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Graham Bell, Einstein, and so many others stuck it out and held to their beliefs that they had first proven to themselves and then the world. 
Be brave.  Take a chance.  Dare to believe.  G12P is out there doing these very things.