Saturday, July 7, 2012

Brandywine Falls

This picture taken by Will Hilditch

The boardwalk that leads to the deck
to view the falls.

One of the places we visited in the Akron, Canton, Kent area was Brandywine Falls. Very beautiful there, but also scary. Apparently several people have fallen to their deaths here, climbing along the top of the falls(youtube video). Creepy. 

Dave hopping around the large boulders
at the bottom of the falls.

Amber at the base of the falls.

 I was enchanted with the whole place until we later went to the top of the falls along a boardwalk. Scary. Very Scary.   At this time of year it looks like dry footing, but it gets very slippery up here in wetter times. 
An awesome boardwalk leads to the falls.

The best thing about our adventures at Cuyahoga National Park was it was all free.  You can't beat that!

And of course,several of my crew members couldn't resist exploring
below the falls.  They tried at the top, but I said NO!

And of course there was the Forgotten Village of Brandywine! I love ForgottenVillages!
The story of the area is found on story boards you can view.