Monday, August 6, 2012

August 12 Is This Sunday! Gretchen and Esther Would Love a Visit From You!

This weekend falls on August 12 and that is Gretchen's Birthday (along with our Sammi) and the wedding day for Esther Hale!  We encourage you to come down to the park this weekend and look around for these elusive lady ghosts! 
Sammi as "Gretchen Gill"

Brooke as "Esther Hale".
But beware!  Legends claims that if Esther Hale touches you, you will grow old and die while she becomes young and beautiful again.   Better to see her only from afar!
If you are planning on being in the park this weekend, please be careful around the bridge because people fly over that thing and no ghost is worth dying over. Also, if you plan on driving down there, look for any stray ghost hunters staking out the bridge.  They don't need to join the haunting, literally.