Monday, August 13, 2012


Ghosting 12 Paranormal will be helping out with the walking and trolley tours for the
Salem Historical Society on August 18!  They don't mention us in the paper, but it is us!  The tours are full of history, mystery, and fun!  Please come out and join us.  For Reservations, please call the Salem Historical Society @(330) 337 - 8514 !  The Walking Tour is $10 per person and the Trolley tour is $15 per person. 

August 12 Was An Awesome Ghost Hunting Weekend!

 We spent most of the night Saturday night at Gretchen's, until well past 3am.  We walked back the trails to Lock 41 (Gretchen's Lock)  with friends, and made lots of new friends. The trails at night are a lot more ominous than during the day!
 We did all our usual ghost hunting tricks, like asking for orbs in our pictures at the sight of the old house.  No one got one in their hand though.  Bummer, truly.
 There were a lot of people out Friday night, many of them Ghost Hunters with a group.  We just visited for the evening this weekend rather than camping. 
 WE also went out Sunday and had a tour as well.  Even after being out to 4 am, my crew returned the next day at 1pm tour some more.  Hard Core Ghost Hunters for sure! 

Touring Gretchen's Lock, one woman had all her equipment just stop working.  Once we left the lock area however,  it all started working again.  That is a typical phenomenon in this area!  Some say it is the work of the Mushroom Lady!

There were far too many people to really catch anything this weekend, but we did get a few interesting catches with a ghost box in the Grist Mill, both Saturday night and Sunday.  Working on a video for it and hope to have it out soon.
Did you see anything?  Let us know if you did!

We are camping once again at Gretchen's Lock on Aug 24-26! If you feel like an adventure, please come down and visit us!